NEPA, Ige And Secrets Behind Obasanjo-Atiku's Feud


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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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NEPA, Ige And Secrets Behind Obasanjo-Atiku’s Feud




Carlisle U.O. Umunnah



May 2, 2006 



The multifaceted problems facing the country called Nigeria will not go away anytime soon, as long as murderers and mischief-makers are not stamped-out of our public space. Some observers, critics, particularly activists and opponents of anti-people’s policies, who in the past were incarcerated by past and present administration because of their social and political ideals—will attests to the fact that Nigeria is a contraption, a contraption that has trickled down to its prison industrial complexes. These prison industrial complexes have in turn created the climate which facilitated and re-produced the blood-letting and inflammable power-tripping that is found in that enclave—Nigeria.    

Between 80s till date, socio-economic-political indicators show that our prison system, and other related institutional structures are in dilapidated state. To refresh our minds, recall that, it was in this prison system that the winner of June 12, 1993 Presidential Elections, M.K.O. Abiola, dropped and died; it was in this prison that Shehu Musa Yar’rdua dropped and died; it was in these prisons that thousands of innocent Nigerians have dropped and died; died just because they were canvassing against numerous societal-ills found in Nigeria. Perhaps, within the walls of this prison, Obasanjo, would have dropped and died. Thanks to late Bola Ige, former Minister, Mines & Power, who later became the Minister of Justice of the Federation; may, his indefatigable soul not rest until the storm he went through reaches out to God. May his spirit lives on to torment these killers; may his spirit be around to deny these assassins access to peace now and hereafter. They must come forward, confess their criminal actions publicly, otherwise, may these evildoers kiss the dust. Indeed, may their confusion persist, until their filthy bloody hands tainted with innocent bloods across our land are apprehended, prosecuted and remanded behind bars—Thou will be done, Oh God!     
Compatriots—the country called Nigeria is sick and systemically sinking fast. It is sinking fast, regardless of the constitutional reviews/amendments, regardless of the heating up of the body-polity toward 2007 elections; regardless of numerous man-made orchestrated religion killings, regardless of real and imagined enemies of the state, regardless of the hypocrites at EFCC whose, operational capacity emanates from Abuja including other purported apparatuses this administration claimed it instituted toward addressing myriad ills facing enterprise—Nigeria. The truism is that President Obasanjo and his Vice President, Atiku, are the greatest threat to peace and tranquility in Nigerian-state. This writer came to this conclusion based in part, on exclusive-stunning secrets—now revealed. It is clear that these two men: Obasanjo and Atiku and their cronies have intelligence secret operations that led to the killing of Bola Ige and kept it quiet. To this end, this writer faults Obasanjo, for not sharing this information/secret with Nigerians whom he sworn under oath to defend and protect because of selfish reservations. I am afraid many, including Dikibo, Harry Marshall and others have gone the ways of the earth in an untimely manner. Rather than Obasanjo address these issues of national importance, preferred to pre-occupy itself with the project of protecting a failed administration. If—Obasanjo dares speak up on Ige’s assassination, there would be consequences. This administration fears it will be dragged to International Court of Justice in Hague, Netherland by Citizens-Lawyers-International [CLI] and other watch-dogs think-tanks that fight crime against humanity, including crimes committed by this administration against fellow Nigerians. He fears for his legacy and security as he prepares to return to his Otta Farm Inc. He fears being investigated; fears sizzling impetuses that would knock open his past and present atrocities against the citizenry. By application these criminal practices against our peoples, with its attended fallouts have dwarfed the population through untimely deaths—the impact thereof has grossly traumatized, deprived and pauperized this people. It was gathered that the killing of Ige was prompted by Atiku and his henchmen. Like many other killings in Nigerian-state, the question is: why kill Bola Ige? The answer is simple! The assassination of Ige would create opportunity and a sea of wealth for some notables inside and outside Nigeria, however. It was gathered that Ige, while serving at various capacities, including ministry of Mines & Power, discovered a colossal gridlock of illegitimate cash flows at apex leadership at the Nigerian Electric Power Authority [NEPA]. These illegitimate cash flows technically and systemically caused and continued to cause power failings in the Nigerian-state. Some remember vividly that Ige, while serving as Minister of Mines & Power seized the time, and made bold organizational restructuring toward revamping NEPA. At his behest, we uncovered that the reason why NEPA was unable or unwilling to provide steady electricity 24/7, to the citizenry was at issue, this subsequently led to the assassination of Bola Ige. At this juncture, it is important to note that our small neighboring countries such as: Cameron, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast which, for the most part, derive its energy supplies from Nigeria, have stable power supplies. These countries’ organizational leaderships made it a must do item by adopting professional and critical-fundamental-work-ethics as its standing modus operandi in the day to day running of its operations. In these countries, if power-repairs are needed, the administrations acts quickly and, respectfully informs the citizenry about anticipated repairs. Note that the time, the location and how many days or hours, it would take to get these technical concerns fix is disseminated to the public, and once fixed, power returns to normalcy. Information dissemination approach is meant to prepare its population toward impending repairs and its attended interruptions. But in Nigeria-state, the premise and operational characters are antithetical and reversal when compared to the aforementioned synopsis. Nigeria is a classical case study of unprofessional and colonial morbid when it comes to power supply. Its work orthodoxy and trajectory at this level is meshed with total instability, massive-exploitation of power supplies to domestic consumers. According to my source, who asked to remain anonymous, informed this writer that Ige had a “Master Plan” to change NEPA; that Ige was essentially following the foot-steps of late Baba Tunde Idiagbon, toward a massive-restructuring of this member state. Additionally, before Idiagbon’s mysterious death, it was gathered that preparations were on the way to appoint Idiagbon as the Minister of Defense by Obasanjo.
To avoid digressions, it is important that we beat a quick retreat and return to Ige’s assassination saga. Information has it that Bola Ige, uncovered sleazy top Executives at NEPA who were paid billions worth of dollars annually to make sure NEPA doesn’t provide steady electricity to the Nigerian public literally. This criminal practice—these anti-peoples policies were and it still is economically driven. Retrogressively speaking, it’s self-evident that this unholy alliance has been entrenched for decades and does benefit top NEPA leaderships; unfortunately these illegitimate acts went undetected by Nigerian-masses. By application what that means, is that, some foreign plant manufacturing companies with its partners/distributors collaborated and continue to collaborate with their domestic partners in dishing out billions of dollars to these discredited top NEPA officials in order to maintain accessibilities to contract accreditations from one administration to another. In turn, they were/are compensated via uninterrupted monopoly of generator supplies to the Nigerian-market. These multinationals and their fraudulent domestic cronies curiously found at NEPA, made deals at the expense of Nigerians. The list of their responsibility includes but not limited to: intentional interruption of power, disruption and sabotage of Nigeria power-lines to make Nigerians nervous, which, stimulates the climate for plant marketing. This ill-intentionality prompted unreliability of our power-grid-locks across the land. This is a cause for alarm. This creationism of instability including, location and time of chosen for interruption are in the hands of top NEPA officials and their puppets, who display comfortability doing their dirty job against this people whenever they deem it necessary. This is Nigeria! This construct allows plant manufacturing companies to use Nigeria as market-place for bad business practices and more, especially considering the fact that Nigeria has a staggering purchasing power with its 160 million—a large market indeed for these plant-suppliers.
Consequently, when market reviews are made comparatively in conjuncture with other manufacturer-competitors/consumers, indicators show that power-plant acquisitions are in decline in the rest of the world by over 70%; while the demand for alternative power supplier in Nigerian-state, has quadrupled astronomically, above 80%. What that means is that the fallouts of this bad business practices has turned Nigerian-state into a dumping ground for plant manufacturers and their finished products. Nigeria automatically is home to variety of toxicologically generated emission which, statistically was upped by these plants. Nigerian is a large market with a staggering 300 percent jump in population when compared to its post colonial era. Evidently, Nigeria has the highest buying indexes when it comes to plants merchandize. In every Nigerian home, urban or in rural-dwellings, it’s almost certain to find two to three stand-by plants depending on the families which can afford them. Directly or indirectly, this has saturated its air-space with toxic-emissions as aforementioned. That said, besides United States which, refused to sign the Kyoto Accord in the 80s on global warming, with one or two other nuclear-power competitors, Nigeria, has become a green house nexus for global toxic-emissions and has contributed more to global warming more than all the ECOWAS states put together. To make matters worse, it is lacking in the area of sensitivity training for foreign corporate investment firms-and their employees when it comes to toxicology-neurology studies & technical-implementation compliance. Now, imagine what our oil-exploratory sectors such as Egbema, Niger Delta and other areas would look like with oil-drillings. Our good governance agenda indexes are zero, technically and structurally. On maintenance perspective, Nigeria lacks maintenance culture; because of this reason it has already collapsed under previous military administrations and has worsened under the current administration. If there is a better terminology to dissect this lapse in a country called Nigeria—perhaps, the possible lexicon would be force-multiplier-collapse under Obasanjo administration.
Nigeria, through its misguided privatization, liberalization and corporitization was long sold out to imperial energy-multinationals of the so-called industrialized world. These foreign oil-entrepreneurs are its major controllers and imperial beneficiaries whose strategic interest cannot be compromised by Washington D.C. The word sovereignty of this former colonial space is not only compromised but is attended and graced literally by local collaborators that will circumvent anything for dollar. Let’s face it, the parallel here is that western nations didn’t takeover Nigeria-state by force, rather, Nigerian-state and its peoples either by omission or commission sold itself for a dime to western imperialism with its undemocratic oil-multinationalism because of greed and corruption. Oh! What a sophisticated country!
Make no mistake—there is still possible light at the end of the tunnel. Nigerian-state and its peoples can beat a retreat, using massive educational mobilization campaign to educate itself and, take back its country from foreign dominance. They reserve the right to take-back their country, take-back its oil/gas-wells and other resources from American and European imperial oil-giants; they reserve the rights to regain their freedom and liberty from foreign and domestic dominance, these greedy exploiters, collaborators can be expelled, via nationalism.    
According to this source, it was gathered that these Chief Executives at NEPA were mainly Hausa/Fulani power-trips from the North, some Yoruba, and you bet there is an Igbo somewhere in-between. As it stands, not only did late Ige discover this clandestine fraud against Nigeria and its peoples, it was gathered that he was about to launch a sweeping overhaul at NEPA or disintegration of the republic and put an end to this exploitations. Sadly, these top NEPA officials ultimately were shocked by Ige’s restructuring agenda without hesitations, demanded for his removal or transfer from Ministry of Mines & Power to another ministry. The fallout was his transfer to Head the Justice Ministry. For records, NEPA dollar-drunks from the north, feeding off of NEPA via destabilization of the latter weren’t satisfied with this transfer. They feared Ige, will expose their criminal practices to the public that would evidently anger the people. As a trained attorney, they believed that Ige might use his legal prowess, his international connections to effectively speedy up shack-ups toward stabilization of power supply throughout Nigeria, and action that would have saved billions worth of public funds from ruination by vandals into the state coffers, annually.    
The interconnections: there exist mutual respect between Obasanjo and Ige. Back in the 90s, we all know that massive imprisonments, disappearances occurred under Abacha’s draconian military regime. The likes of Obasanjo, Olu Falae, Ige and other opposition groupings challenged Abachaism—authoritarianism. Many of these activists or “wannabe” activists were incarcerated and jailed by the late despot. That regime, accused many of these individuals of treasonable offenses—including coup plotting to overthrow the then military authoritarianism under Abacha. Information has it that, Bola Ige saved Obasanjo’s life, while, the latter was serving time under Abacha.
On record, Obasanjo has no jail experience. This was his first time experiencing what it really means to be behind bars. As a neophyte, it was gathered that Bola Ige, in an act of friendships to his kinsman wrote a letter addressed to Obasanjo. It was gathered that the said letter was dispatched to Obasanjo through his close lieutenants. The content of the letter explicitly cautioned Obasanjo not to eat any specially decorated food from the prison authorities—or from the government. Ige, in that letter, advised Obasanjo to eat whatever other prisoners ate or were served with, regardless the quality of the meal. In this shocking revelation, it was gathered that not long the letter was delivered to Obasanjo, Obasanjo who was visibly nervous and suspicious of mails especially with the way he was abused by junior military officials, refused to open the letter—with the assumption that it’s a letter bomb. It was further gathered that Obasanjo asked the mail-man to open the letter himself; and finally, Obasanjo read the letter. Some hours or so later, after he had red the letter, the well prepared meal arrived from prison authorities. Obasanjo accepted the food but did not eat. Some hours later this attractive officially prepared VIP delicacy melted into acid. Some months or so later, the maker of mankind called Abacha home. Under this impasse of leadership vacuum, some retired Northern military cabals fearing the unknown, including disintegration and the direction of Nigeria, invited Obasanjo for a conversation. Present at that summit was Abdul Salam Abubakar who continued Abacha’s misrule. Under pressure from international community, fraudulent elections were quickly organized and Obasanjo became their man to pacify the “Wild Wild” West. The idea was to compensate and pacify the fallouts of June 12, annulments by Babangida regime. It was the same Babangida according to Mr. Johnson, in collaboration with other northern military elements which, planned to build a canal, by diverting River Niger or the Atlantic in Lagos to the North and break-away from Nigerian-state. According to this informant, the construction of heavy-water-channel of hydro-like powered-water-way to the North was supposed to be in similitude to the one built in Ivory Coast some decades ago. The bad news: when the Americans and their European construction consulting firms presented the cost and effect of this adventure worth billions of dollars, Babangida and his cronies backed off of the project. According to this source, the North does not believe in Nigeria from Adamawa, Bauchi, to Kano and so forth listens to BBC Hausa Service or Radio Cameron; they do not listen to listen to Radio Nigeria. The only thing holding the Northerners from breaking-away from the union is possibly lack of Sea-ports, and fear of massive poverty in the north. Additionally, North fear paying heavy-shipping-tariffs and other fees to either the Western and/or Eastern regional powers of Nigeria—supposing the latter were to disintegrate today; they also know that if Igbo if given the chance to lead that country law and order will immediately be restored—Bakassi-Boys Security Network in Aba-Ngwa that later spread to the whole East was a typical example about organizational and security leadership across the Niger which organization, was later-on dissolved by the powers that be; these narcissists whose riches-triumphalism is built on lawlessness and chaos are enemies to an egalitarian society.
From prison to Presidency: by omission or commission, Obasanjo, hit gold mines: a machination that was orchestrated by Northern oligarchy. Obasanjo did not hesitate to appoint late Bola Ige as Minister of Mines & Power. Albeit, it was gathered that some machinations were working at all cylinders along the line of Yorubanization of Nigeria-state under Obasanjo administration—which intentionality was overtaken by events. But, truth be told, Ige was qualified for the ministerial position. He had credibility and integrity, and did gain the confidence and respect of Obasanjo as his savior inside jail.  
It was no surprise that Obasanjo reacted vehemently, when information filtered-out that Ige was tracked, and murdered by Atiku people according to this source. Without hesitation according to this anonymous person, Obasanjo launched a secret investigation to determine what the ruse was. Sadly, the initial investigation trails stopped at Atiku’s desk and the desk of his henchmen. With details of this secret assassination and other assassinations now revealed, Obasanjo became extremely agitated and bitter at Atiku. Indeed, this was one of the reasons why Obasanjo vowed that “Atiku can never succeed him.” With these scandals on the table, Obasanjo was in total disarray, confused on exactly what to make out of it all. It was gathered that Obasanjo was equally afraid of his own life.
In the finally analysis, at the end of the day, Obasanjo and Atiku are both members of PDP and will live with this assassination burden the rest of their lives. Under normal circumstances, one would assume that Obasanjo would be motivated to dig deep to the bottom of matter with respect Ige’s assassination. But till date, he has done nothing substantive. Atiku apparently denied involvement in the assassination of Ige; Obasanjo has remained mute on the matter, but has remained in constant beef with his second in command. To buttress this position, recently, the daughters of these two men got married—neither of these men attended each other’s daughter’s wedding bash.  
In the meantime, as Obasanjo’s apologist including Reuben Abati and Tanslim Anibaba, and others sing their Obasanjo forever, one really wonders what will become of 2007. Will there be a country called Nigeria still around for them to loot and plunder remains the big inquiry?   
It was gathered that Obasanjo out of pressure from Yoruba elders on this matter—the assassination of Ige—has no option than to reveal this shocking secret to close aides, including sharing it with some elders—mainly elders of Ogun-State extraction. These elders were visibly unhappy with Obasanjo on the matter. These elders lamented why the Chief Law Enforcement officer of a country, could be assassinated and till date not even a single arrest has been made, let alone conclusive investigation on the matter. These elders have since placed Ige’s assassination squarely at Obasanjo’s feet and his administration.
Like Dele Giwa’s assassination, it was also believed that Giwa’s assassination was state sponsored. Time and again, we are witnessing another trend of killings with impunity in the enclave; we are witnessing massive killings of Nigerians in Nigeria, including assassination of political opponents by this administration. Giwa’s assassination went without a trace.  At issue was Giwa’s report that exposed one Gloria Okon—a cocaine trafficker—best friend to Miriam Babangida. Ms Okon was apprehended in London, because of the aforementioned offence. Ms. Okon was reportedly missing or dead by the then Babangida military regime but was later sighted in London, and the Newswatch picked the news and published it. Akilu, Babangida and his cronies at the Nigerian intelligence community as it were, has too many innocent bloods in their hands. One must remember that Akilu was former Director of National Intelligence & Investigation Bureau [NIIB] and or SSS under Babangida authoritarianism. The same selective-operative-destroyers under Babangida’s regime also got the Net communications with its documentations detailing revenues generated from petro-dollars in the Operation Dessert Storm [I]—First Gulf War burnt to the ground to cover up their loots. By the destroying the Net-Communications, records classifying and analyzing crucial information with respect to billions of dollars from that Oil-windfall, which, billions are today starched-out into foreign banks accounts including ECOWAS countries has never been accounted for by Babangida his cronies. Thousands of Nigerians are murdered every day without conclusive investigation; thousands more of Nigeria especially those of Igbo extraction are murdered everyday, a murdering that is ignited by man-made religious machinations without conclusive investigation; yes, without the perpetrators apprehended, prosecuted and punished for their crimes.
Since 1934 post-colonial era, during NCNC, Action Group [AG], Northern Elements and others political pressure groups, in this country has seen and continue to see massive killings, assassinations of fellow Nigerians and nothing done to right these murderous acts. In all, Nigerian-state, has done nothing concrete to confront this lapses, we have witnessed same old-inconclusive investigation with nobody punished for these criminal killings and assassinations. How long will it take to bring these thugs and killers to justice? At when will justice and rule of law be entrenched in the land? If we cannot live together, it is appropriate that we go our individual ways peacefully and stop these heinous murdering and blood letting of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, pregnant women, and elderly. These secrete killings, disappearances and tortures will not go away as long as there is absence of rule of law and, absence of law enforcement sustainable capacity to implement the law. Then, there is this wide-spread un-abating corruption in the land. To this writer, be it known to all, that if you kill my mama, my papa, and my siblings and kinsmen, there will be a swift response in like manner—it’s called the “New Igbo Doctrine”. Days are gone when Ndiigbo return in their thousands and millions crying from the North. Anybody can go right ahead and interprets this communication as insensitive and emotional. Let’s face it, one cannot just standby and watch his/her relatives slaughtered secretly and openly and act indifferently. Not so fast! Biblically speaking, the good books are in affirmative of the “New Igbo Doctrine”. Ndi-igbo and other nations in Nigerian-state have every right to defend themselves wherever they found their lives threatened within Nigerian-frontiers. Consequently, besides defending themselves in the North and elsewhere, there will be swift consequences in Enugu, Onitsha, Aba-Ngwa, Port-Harcourt and other Eastern frontiers. People must be warned! The scriptures remarked that if individuals or groups act with the intentionality to harm you, your family, children, kinsmen, and other relatives and in self-defense you kill—you are justified. It is challenging to absorb anguish and pain especially when you loss loved ones to barbarically inadequacies just for living in a country called Nigeria. Let me be clear, this writer is not interested in any handshakes with those who reign in blood and horror. If hand-shake is alright with humanity, it is fine and well. However, I wouldn’t be a participant or encourage hand-shakes with Babangida, Atiku, Obasanjo, Zarmani, Akilu, Aneni, and their likes—not really. These individuals’ hands are tainted with innocent bloods; these men need appropriate restitution, repentance and purification at the appropriate time—today. And, indeed, it’s demanded of their humanity to confess these crimes before the sun goes down. One cannot sleep with a leper and come-out to claim purity—to pass a night with a leper free of leprosy literally—impossibility.    
As I was putting this shocking material together, I asked my informant few questions:
1] Why is it that this important information was not published in Nigerian national dailies? His response: “Nigerian media is corrupt and hungry… you see, this kind of information is usually published outside Nigeria, and by the way, if I may ask where is Dele Giwa” referring to Newswatch writer that was killed by a parcel bomb during Babangida military tyranny; II]. I informed my informant that, I am a Freelance Columnist, alerting him that this exclusive news will hit the websites and other international media with global-reach.  His words: “I careless, my family has long left Nigeria and relocated to Ivory Coast since 1930; and many Yoruba people especially people from  Ogbomosho/Ejigbo are leaving Nigeria and relocating in large numbers into neighboring countries of ECOWAS States because of the lawlessness, uncertainty of Nigeria.”  He told me that there is over 1 million people from Ogbomosho & Ejigbo alone, who left Nigeria and have since resettled to Ivory Coast and other places. He is a Rev. Dr. This classical news provider is married, and has since left ECOWAS region—and now in the United States.
It is unfortunate, that Obasanjo betrayed Nigerian-state and Nigerians because of his ineptitudes. He failed Nigeria woefully prompted by his attempt to serve the interests of his western masters. One must remember that Obasanjo never admitted the corruption at Nigerian Aviation industry, until planes started dropping off the sky. It was at that point, that Obasanjo finally admitted and declared: “Nigerian Airways is corrupt.”   Everybody knows that EFCC is not serious about fighting corruption in Nigeria—otherwise, how come Balogun former Inspector General of Nigerian Police and others get a pat on the back and sit back and enjoy their looted billions. Obasanjo has betrayed fellow Yoruba, a patriot, a goodly Nigerian found in Bola Ige by refusing to apprehend, prosecute and jail these well known assassins. He betrayed Ige, to avoid national and international embarrassment; he did this to save his presidency, and avoid the collapse of his purported reform arguments as this administration would want us to believe; just as he connived with a war criminal like Charles Taylor and gave him passage to escape out of Nigeria, and then blamed Nigeria intelligence community. He betrayed Bola Ige, a messiah, who saved his life while he was in prison. He has betrayed the confidence reposed in him by Nigerians by not obeying Court orders. The fact, that he backed away from pursuing the truth, disallowing the completion, continuation of this criminal investigation that would have exposed, shamed these killers tells much about the character of the man—grossest disgrace, disappointment. You can be assured that these killers of innocent Nigerians will live in fear, forever; while, their innocent blood will continue to bleed before God demanding vengeance. They shouldn’t have died and—it’s a crime against humanity.  
This writer shares this information and stand by it unless contradicted. I know them to be true, as it was handed down to him by a Nigerian-Ivorian. I use this communication-out-fit to call the attention of international community, and other concerned communities, other groupings interested in issues and happening in Nigeria, including illegitimate incarcerations, killings, maiming of Nigerians. This got to stop forthwith. I call for immediate release of: Adams, Uwazurikes, Dokunbos and others who were illegally incarcerated. The ongoing disappearances, torture, and other crimes against humanity in Nigerian-state must stop forthwith with immediacy. All illegal arrests must stop now; those incarcerated illegally without trail must be released unconditionally without further delays. From the foregoing propositions, it is pretty clear therefore, that no amount of budgeting will ever revamp NEPA as long as its CEO’s take home billions annually from foreign-manufacturing plant companies. It is unfortunate that avarice, lack of sustainable development, lack of maintenance, greed and monopoly has indeed facilitated and strengthened ignorance and mediocrity in the land. These mass-killings are very appalling and have shamefully gone unaddressed for decades. It is my hope that God will in His infinite mercy and justice quicken the temples of many to learn kindness, charity and love one for another. Justicity—and final triumphalism of the rule of law over lawlessness can be attained in our public space when implementation of laws of the land takes its dominant place, through nationalism. Accountability and responsibility will become societal catch-phrase that would gravitate toward bettering and promoting good practices in societies. In conclusion, budgeting billions of dollars into energy sector, and other sectors is no panacea and will not work, as long as these questionable characters at enterprise that receive billions of dollars annually from foreign plant manufacturing multinationals, who in turn starch more including petro-dollars into foreign accounts are stamped-out of NEPA. Nigerians must speedily takeover their country from foreign—smothering-imperial-capitalism, this can be done through workers’ revolutionary volunteerism and nationalism. The foregoing proposition must be re-enforced and upped with transparency and participatory leaderships, democratically. Effective and efficient best practices, good business practices will follow and inculcated in the psych of the citizenry. Accomplishments and maximization indexes must be sustained through effective and efficient consolidation for generation yet unborn—it is called building nexus-of-wealth not riches. Anything short of these and other recommendations will sink the enterprise further into depletion.  
Carlisle U.O. Umunnah is New York based freelance writer




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