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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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Wabara ! Oh Wabara !!




Mike Onwukwe





April 5, 2005



The inmates are running the prisons in Nigeria. When did the rat enter the backyard? The only surprise that I have for Wabara is that he lasted this while. Uncouth, duplicitous and clout-less, Wabara never was and never will be a role model. He strikes me as a man looking at his nose, a man brought up by single parent. When such people die, society is left to look after those they left behind and how many doormen and gardeners can we have?


He looks like a father who drinks too much and keeps late nights because his wife is a piece of crap. It was a matter of time before the clay footed giant came crashing like a pack of cards. Wabara has never impressed me and he will never. Instead of Shaking, quaking and rattling, he should bury his head in shame. Mulling and brooding over his problem will not help him either. He should just shut up!

Wabara has remained what he is: A reluctant politician hoisted up there and holding the post in trust for Elder Dan Imo. Such politicians rarely get noticed but this one did albeit in the wrong way. Always afraid or unsure to assume a view and when he does, it changes with the wind, speaking from both sides of the mouth.


Has he any reputation? No! Has he got any legacy? No, except the legacy of a thieving senate President going the way of Chuba Okadigbo, both felled by lure of filthy lucre. He is neither a proud father nor good husband. What does this man need again? He was empowered financially having nominated the contractors for Alaoji power plant and the NDDC nominee from Abia state among others. Yet still he controlled un-audited 500 million naira to run the show in the senate.


This act by Obasanjo gives fillip and buoys sagging image of Nigeria lately. Mr. Peter Eigen and his Transparency International that is traditionally placing Nigeria at the bottom rung even before the study takes off may now rate us high. We must pause and doff our hats for Obasanjo for this even though it is strangely difficult to comprehend. Not because he sacrificed a political godson, but having to do it at all no matter what.


Obasanjo may win a reprieve but at the same time raises a lot of question. What has happened to the recovered Abacha loot, Mr. Makonjola of Defense Ministry, ex-gov. Abubakar Audu's houses in the US, the COJA games and the erstwhile privatization that is steeped in utter corruption? How about other ministers who are corrupt or is Osuji the only one.


President Obasanjo while indicting Prof. Jude Njoku, Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, for providing N25 million asked the ICPC to take up the case. Curiously in the case of Prof. Peter Okebukola, NUC chairman who committed the same offence as Prof. Njoku, President Obasanjo vaguely promised sanction. Is this not a case of selective justice?


This war should go round and not selective. If former public officials like Mr. Afolabi, Mohammed Shatta and Ezeife could be arrested and sent to prison, why is the same treatment not extended to chief Osomo who has corruptly enriched PDP stalwarts by selling government houses in Ikoyi to them at under valued prices? She merely got away with a query. How about Chris Uba and co travelers in Anambra who set ablaze government buildings and killed people in a bid to spite Gov. Ngige? What is good for ex-IG Balogun is also good for Housing Minister Mobolaji Osomo.


It portrays the PDP and its government as reveling in fraud, manipulation and outright dishonesty, among other very serious criminal offences we witness daily. President Obasanjo should rethink his path or throw in the towel, confess and apologize to Nigerians because he it was who sent Ghana-must-go bags to National Assembly to unseat Okadigbo.


Otherwise people will begin to murmur in the bars and the streets of this selective justice which is the bigger worry. For him to have quickly acted fast on this 55 million naira scandal, leaving out billions of naira that went up in flames and the attendant lives lost in Anambra State by Uba and co smacks of favoutirism. Or because Prof. Osuji and others are expendables!


Has El-Rufai and Hon. Yerima not been vindicated? Ibrahim Mantu and Jonathan Zwingina both remain accused in my view. Their matter was swept under the carpet. Pray to be able to send your kids to school so that they cannot be influenced by people like Wabara and his ilk. The bane of our Nigeria today is basically hinged on corrupt officials creaming off public funds and stashing them away in foreign lands. Anything further than this is clattering and chattering.



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