Why IBB May Succeed Obasanjo


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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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Why IBB May Succeed Obasanjo




Ibekwe C. Nnamdi


culled from VANGUARD, November 23, 2005


"In saner societies men like IBB will actually establish institutions where moral sanctity and uprightness will be preached and even go the extra mile by going from state  to state preaching same with his army of charlatans”.Mazi Ibekwe C.N.

THE article by Dr. Ovbiagele entitled “Why IBB may succeed OBJ” published in the Vanguard of September 29, 2005 would have adequately been captioned:  “Why IBB may not succeed OBJ” if the principle of the above quote were to be applicable in Nigeria. However, since absurdities reign in the country and men fail to  pursue truth, say the truth and uphold the truth, the likes of the doctor are free (especially in a democratic setting like ours) to insult the sensibility of Nigerians by their  barefaced sycophancy and presentation of falsehood in their propaganda.


Especially, in promoting a man who had not only succeeded in destroying the country but, also the epicentre of our national norms, values and sense of morality.  Hence, men like the doctor whose streak of manhood have been undermined, decimated by IBB still have the effrontery to praise the man who has jeopardized their  essence of being men!

However, it is imperative to concede a point to the doctor by summarising in this quote (as gleaned from his write up); “the IBB regime can be equated with biblical  Sodom and Gomorrah or the darkest era of the elevation of pri-modal primitive accumulation of wealth and addiction to corrupt enrichment, destruction of social  norms and values, and promotion of avaricious life style”. Without being repetitive, I wish to remind my fellow countrymen especially, those in the same class with the  doctor, that our educational system was debased and laid prostrate on the altar of mediocrity by the IBB regime. It was also the same regime that led the country into  the current precarious economic state via the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan cum its draconian conditionality which lead to the devaluation  of our national  currency. Need I to state also that the same regime promulgated corruption into a national policy. As well as thrust forward the monstrously tyrannical Abacha regime  upon Nigerians.


In view of the foregoing, and especially in the light of the opening quote, it is far more honourable and statemanly for IBB to call his army of sycophants to order,   instruct them to join him in the honourable mission or campaign for the elevation cum return of all Nigerians to the path of honour via abhorrence of corruption and  corrupt tendency. And there is no way he can do this unless by changing his perception about life. The essence of this is predicated on the fact that he can do good or  give good things to Nigerians as preached by his errand boys except he recreates himself by changing from the “evil genius to angelic genius”. Having done that, he  can now think of impacting positively to the country not by aspiring to lead in 2007 but by taking a cue from Gowon who now prays and preaches peace all over the  country. Though, in his own case, he should be preaching righteousness, uprightness and repentance from corruption. Infact, the country can achieve a faster return to  moral uprightness as in the words of the doctor … “IBB is a manager of men and resources …”

When he applies this principle as well as manages his army of cohorts very well in the campaign for social emancipation and change.


According to the doctor,  “IBB belongs to the exclusive club of the billionaires”. Therefore, as a man who loves the country and has realised that he has offended his  fellow countrymen by the high level of mal-administration and corruption that was prevalent during his regime, he can go ahead to show his love by restitution and by  volunteering to lead his club members to donate cheerfully to the repayment of the IMF loan which at the moment is a debt burden for the country. Furthermore, a  selfless con-tribution for resuscitation of education, economic improve-ment and infrastructural deve-lopment will be more deserving than the on-going  campaign for  2007  presidency. It is also a well known fact that capital flight is the bane of the country’s underdevelopment.


Therefore, as asserted by the doctor that IBB is now a“born again”, the onus now lies on him and his club members to rescue the country from its deplorable and  precarious state by repatriating the huge capital stached in different foreign bank accounts all over the globe. As this will help create massive  employment for our  army of youths  roaming  aimlessly in the country and for those fleeing the country in their droves to become 21st Century slaves in various countries of the world.


Finally, history has opened very voluminous pages for IBB to launch himself back into reckoning through a selfless service to the country and humanity by attending to  the enumerated problem areas and many others facing the country. However, he could still go a step further by joining hands with other Nigerians who have vowed  “that never again will people with the characteristics, antics, antece-dents of the evil genius bestride the leadership terrain of this country” by not only supporting the  campaign but, also ensuring that come 2007 there will be a total departure from what was and is obtainable in the country’s leadership to a “new “ where honest,  highly qualified Nigerians are given the mantle of leadership to steer the country to its Eldorado,  because many Nigerians are now getting courageous enough to live  while demanding for a change, while at the same time ready to die for the change to take place.



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