The Political Charade In Katsina


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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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The Political Charade In Katsina State




Saliu Iyanda



November 8, 2006


What is presently going on in Katsina State cannot be called democracy, in any democratic setting, the role of the electorates in determining who will preside over their affairs is incontrovertible, but what is going on in Katsina State, is that President Olusegun Obasanjo wants the Speaker of the House of Representatives Aminu Bello Masari to become the governor at all cost, he has continue to put immeasurable pressure on the governor to support his candidate weather or not the people of the State wants or like him or not, all attempts to explain the reality of the workings to the president has fallen on deaf ears, and one thing that we have known about him since 1999, is the fact that in all circumstances he must always have his way. But the point here is that, his ways are always at cross purposes with the wishes, expectations, desires and needs of the people. Yet the constitution says that the primary responsibility of government is the security and welfare of the people. The president has continued to invite the governor Umaru Musa Yau’Adua of Katsina State to Abuja every week, asking him the same questions over and over again, telling him to support his candidate repeatedly.


The governor had explained to the president that, Masari is not educated, he is a plumber, but more importantly is the fact that, he is not close to the people, he does not understand the plight of the masses, and since he has a deputy that has studied him for seven and the half years, and he is acceptable to the people of the state, it is only natural that he should be allowed to carry on with the running of the state. And, the president will not hear this, as he considers it as act of insubordination, so what he resorted to is to use the EFCC to intimidate the governor so that what he can have his way.

It was Ribadu that gave a weekly magazine a report about the governor so that he can support the candidate of president Obasanjo at all cost. And, this is the point that has been made severally about EFCC, that it has deviated from its traditional role of fighting corruption, to a willing tool in the hands of the president to deal with perceived political opponents, the EFCC has been politicized, Nuhu Ribadu is also interested in holding political office or becoming the chief security adviser to the president in future or even the inspector-general of police, therefore, he has compromised his office for a mess of porridge, the problem with this turn of event is that, the way and manner the EFCC go about doing the bidding of the president is very corrupt to say the very least, so, who will check the watchdog?


The point that should be made here is that, after seven and the half years as a civilian president, Obasanjo should have been able to do away with his military mentality and imbibe the basic tenets of democracy. The president by his attitude is overheating the polity and has become a great threat to democracy. If the very essence of public office is service, then there is no need for the president to impose anybody on any state, this attitude is very undemocratic.


It has again been said that, the president is so interested in Masari because, so far in the House of Representatives has always done the bidding and the president is relying on him for help to assist in the extension of his handover date which is clearly unconstitutional, and the question is, if the reason for seeking elective office is to boost the economy and improve the socio-economic conditions of the people, now if the people say they are not satisfied with your performance why impose yourself on the people? Is this the way democracy is practiced?


What is corruption? What Obasanjo is doing in Katsina State is corruption, but who will call him to order? All the stakeholders must come together to fight this restless run of locust that is determined more than ever before to sink the ship of the Nigerian state for very personal and selfish reasons. This incessant affront on the people of Katsina and indeed Nigeria must cease.


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