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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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Concerned Citizens of Osun State in the Diaspora






Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola

The Executive Governor,

Osun State of Nigeria

Governor’s Office

Osun State Secretariat


Osun State



Your Excellency:


As this is our first time of contacting you, it is pertinent that this body be officially introduced to you. As the name implies we are concerned citizens of Osun State in the Diaspora. This embraces all shores outside of Osun State. We are a body of concerned citizens who are interested in ensuring that any seating administration caters to the needs of all Osun indigenes. We are apolitical. We are mainly interested in monitoring the administrative mechanism to ensure good governance and accountability.


The main purpose of constituting this body is to ensure that there is transparency in Government dealings, and that the dividends of democracy are fairly spread such that the common man benefits accordingly. We also will serve the purpose of ensuring that the rights of our citizens are well protected irrespective of political affiliations.


Events of recent times have mandated this communication to call your attention to some perceived tendencies towards extravagance by your administration, and the short-changing of our people in terms of services. We shall address them specifically:


a)     Cars to the Obas: It is disheartening to read across the pages of most Nigerian Newspapers that your administration had spent in excess of N53m to purchase vehicles for some Obas. The first question is; i) What qualifies one Oba to receive a car and not the other? ii) What have those that received the “gifts” done to deserve them?  iii) Where in the budget do you ascribe this line item? iv) If an Oba why not every citizen?

It looks to us like this is a “down payment” for a delivered or expected service. This to us is a systematic way of encouraging corruption within the polity and the State. The act of buying cars for those who could afford them ten times, while an average citizen cannot afford three square meals a day is totally absurd. We ask that these vehicles be withdrawn.


b)     Cancellation of the Mobile Surgical Team: It is our belief that development and growth is dependent on continuity of Government. The Mobile Surgical Team was one of the programs initiated by the former administration that benefited the common man greatly. This is a program that we believe should be continued at the minimal level if not improved on by this administration and we request that it be restored.


c)     Lack of Equipment for Science Laboratories in our High Schools: We sincerely believe that for the progress of the State, education is very important, and the need to encourage Science Education cannot be over-emphasized. It was disturbing to note that a Government that cannot furnish its Science Labs will have money to buy cars for a privileged few. What a misplacement of priority. We ask that the cars bought be sold to the individuals they have been given to by deducting the money from their monthly salaries until the cars are paid for, and that the money be spent to equip Science Laboratories throughout the State. Our children, our students are our legacies.


d)     Transparency and Accountability: We demand transparency and accountability in contract bidding and awards. We believe that competitive bidding should be the norm for all Government contracts. In the recent past we heard of individuals who are awarded contracts to source for equipment that are locally available, abroad. This wastage of Government limited resources should stop. Each awardee of contracts should be made to account for every kobo spent and should be queried/questioned if anything short of judicious spending is suspected. The list of Government Contracts beneficiaries should be made public. This refers mainly to the recent road contract awards in excess of N2b.


e)     Travels: Each time you travel out of the country we have an idea how much it costs the State. We request that these travels be at a minimum and that the benefits of each travel to the State be made public in terms of trade negotiations and factory set-ups.


We should hasten to point out that we are not here to engage in constant criticism of your administration. We shall compliment when achievements are noted. It will also be to everyone’s benefit if you view our criticisms as positive and take actions to correct issues raised.



Dr. Layi Opawoye (MD/USA)                                    Oloye Lekan Awojoodu (MD/USA)

Otunba Jumoke Ogunkeyede (NY/USA)                 Dr. Lawrence Akinsanmi (TX/USA)

Waheed Igbalaye (W. Germany)                                             Celestine Ilelaboye  (Canada)

Dr. Layi Abegunrin (MD/USA)                                  Mr. Kola Akanni (MD/USA)

Dr. Gabriel Abiola (MD/USA)                                   Dr. Yaqub Adebisi (GA/USA)                     

Mr. Babatunde Adewoyin (TX/USA)                        Mr. Michael Olaniya (MD/USA)

Mr. Rafiu Adewale (TX/USA)                                    Dr. Segun Afolabi (DC/USA)                      

Mr. Ayodele Aiyetigbo (MD/USA)                            Prof. Jacob Oluwoye (Alabama/USA)                    

Ahj. Yekinni Opawoye (TX/USA)                                            Mr. Fanla Agboola (UK)                                            

Dr. Hammed Olanrewaju (NC/USA)                        Hajj Basheer Komolafe (MD/USA)          

Dr. Rafiu Durodoye (TX/USA)                                  Prince Juba Aderemi (PA/USA)                

Mr. Dipo Fadiora (MD/USA)                                     Mr. Bimbola Olagbaju (MD/USA)            

Mr. Sola Adeniji               (MD/USA)                                        Mr. John Aiyegbo (NJ/USA)                      

Mr. Ayo Ojutalayo (GA/USA)                                   Mr. Gbenga Omisore (MD/USA)

Mr. Pius Oyawusi (NJ/USA)








Cc:      Speaker and Members

            Osun State House of Assembly


            Osun State, Nigeria





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