Is Nigerian Democracy Colonised Mentally?


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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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Is Nigerian Democracy Colonised Mentally?




Sylvester I. Ukusare

Chair-Coordinator: Urhobo Uvwie Community CUU Italy.

Sec-General: National Association Of Nigerians Niger Delta Natives in the DiasporaNANNDN Italy.




October 30, 2006


It’s a predestined fact that our great country Nigeria will ever remain a nuclear family despite the brawls within her composition and even though, the omniscience being had made us to live with a oneness image but the twist of  personal egoism, with strange activist ideology such like the act of conservatism plus inhuman attendances has subsequently  generated the sensitivity of the state to the present  bigamist deportment.


Yet, our constitution made us to have equal status even though nature has been afflicted with inequalities of life  that culminated sociologist  to had designed and  applied categories of classes  into the human society.

Besides the said fact, is of the notion that Nigerian democracy is being galvanised by clock set of colonialism hence is an obstacle to the development of our society until moment and the west tends to be hypocritical but they are contented as they benefits from the  predicament.


However, it is uncanny that our beloved country is yet contaminated with the colonial mentality despite we’ve got the status of independence since 46 years ago even baptised with the name NIGRO-AREA and progressively referred as NIGERIA but this does not mean we are lazy by nature even if our leaders are with the syndrome of mediocrity and mentally inferior..  

Indeed.  the faculty of concerned Nigerians calls for an immediate reviewed and reconstruction, to attest to her reality since the state is still dominated with double-face dealings arrogated to primitivism and mental slavery that is sadly against the code of civility.


Therefore, if not for corruptive reasons our country supposed to have saved by now at least $400 Billion out of the $500 Billion she got from the sales of her oil resources since the past 46 years, more so the chicken $40 Billion foreign reserve is not ego boasting as to be compared to the country business activities from the time she gain her independence in 1960 until now besides is a dismay that we yet to have reserve fund for the generation unborn.


Consequently, the moral definition of the Nigerian state is yet to be attended to and merely for the reason of  primitive politicking, nothing that  the world is at the peak of civilization, as a result it subsequently needs advanced rules for politics.

It’s saddened to observed that people commits ritual acts as to involve in politics so  what do this idea represent in the  ambit of rationalism?


Of course, this is pure cannibalism  actions  and has become the legal seal in the minds of our politicians, and the way!  Why should  they be compelled to such awful acts?

This is subnormal!  As well, a moral venom to act of  technocratism and such is a strange concept to leader who is determined to serve the society with total integrity thus instead of the society progressing it will be faced with the negative winds of retrogression.


Nevertheless, to become a leader does not warrant the killing of human sacrificed for his ambition to lead the public. Accordingly, as against the crude belief, if  an aspirant intended to contest a public position, he should be accompanied with the notion of sincereness and humility to serve the citizens rather than the biased intention to use the electorate opportunity to abuse the office via satisfying his greed for fantastic wealth just like what has dominated our political scenarios from time immemorial to the modern-day world.


In view of the above, the unfolding question should now be digested and as such we have to confront our intellect with the rebirth of democratic administration that was initiated into the Nigerian body politics by the military regime of General Abudusalami  Abubakar, on May 29th , 1999, and under the principalship of the former General Olusegun Obasanjo that was once detained for an alleged offence of  treasonable felony by the late General Sani Abacha’s government.


As recalled, we should equip our mental with the fact that shaded the freedom of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo from the tyrant, Abacha jail, although it was through the assistance of the progressives activists groups coupled with the Black Diaspora’s organizations likewise with the decorated eminent personalities of the intercontinental world such like Rev Jesse Jackson, former American President Bill Clinton with his democratic counterpart former President Jimmy Carter, as well as the late Pope John Paul II, these dignitaries  pressured the Abacha junta administration to throw off his hot towel but he was later freed by General Abdusalami Abubakar regime, which  later awarded him the opportunity to  contest election for the Presidential office, he eventually won the ticket  to preside the government in a democratic premise till date. Though, the mysterious death that beclouded the late Chief M.K.O Abiola in jail, the said undisputed winner of the June 12th  1993 Presidential poll  voided by the former military regime of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida galvanised to OBJ victory in the election.


Subsequently, despite the infighting within the central pinnacles of power between the juntas factions and the looming civil activists, calling for a change in the governing system to an advanced process of democratic system glean with globalisation conformity.


Consequently, the regime of  General  Abdusalami  Abubakar, ruled not more about  16 months, but was able to  conduct a smooth passage to a civilian government in which he was also able to established political parties with an efficient electoral commission, although been criticised of predisposed formation but it later registered a limited number of political parties such like the PDP, ANPP, AD etc that later contested the 1999 elections.


Nevertheless, during the formation of the PDP, OBJ was not present , although he got his membership through the formidable advocacy of the pioneers of the party, he was eventually given the chance to be the flag bearer of the party in the 1999 Presidential election and destiny decided for him, and he won the Presidency but s of today, things started falling apart in the administrative sections of the PDP,  both local and national levels making the constitution to be idle and ultimately the party became wacky in its mood of operations, as a result its now compelled into different factions that unfortunately incubates arrogances with the virtues of abnormality hence the crises between Mr. President and Mr. Vice President has become the theatres of ridicules in the domains of Nigerians and that of the international public.


The revelling mockery came as a result of those conservatives and progressives within the party caucus, the party memberships supposed  to be inclined with the progressive ideology that accorded the party with the opportunity of the peoples political will to govern them undoubtedly. This is why is embarrassing to have noted the betrayal comportment, for an exaggerative conservative position.


Anyway, we’ve observed that in traditional societies, the method of running the community is more comfortable even than the medieval and the contemporary periods because of the different ideologies to government noted to had contaminated with political gimmicks and self glory. However,  the most probable structure of administrating in the civilized society is through the total representation of the community which is correspondent to democracy, also, is the fundamentality of peoples government.

As recalled , I have earlier analysed the most six nor seven leaders of our times, they were armed with their different philosophies in the doldrums of governing, which should be classified as the Democratic, Conservative and the Authoritarian systems of managements.


Effectively, to the said principles in running a country, it will be interesting to know from our present dispensation on what principle is she founded with  as regards  the three major factors?

As a succession to the unfolding, it is indeed revealed that the primitive opinion polls have indicated that our country is presently practising a conservative government instead of the perceived democratic management which is being presided by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo since the past 8 years running  the country’s affairs.

 Hence he’s being urged to desist from this system because it has no variation from the military system, and  moreover , the present approach is a typical revelation that amounted to imperialistic affinity.


Above this, Mr. President should be au fait with the onus of democratic functions because the unfolding circumstances that has culminated the Presidency is absolutely  a misdemeanour in any democratic premise and as such, he should identify himself with the supreme constitution of the land as not allow the forum whereby its ministers will be belittling  the VP, this is against the code of subordination in the formation of rank and file status, in any corporate organization.


 Meanwhile,  the Nigerian  government context  is founded with amalgamation theory, subsequently, such attitude of mocking the Vice President of a country is very sensitive and could easily amount to regional uprising that may lead to a regrettable length which may possibly inflate the fragile democracy to be interrupted again by the military, furthermore the checks and balances in government should be enshrined more so the government should uphold the provisions of the rule of law and to prevail along with the canons of democracy. Consequently, let us apply the politics of bitterness or we may find ourselves in a hinder state.


Above all, I call on the Presidency to allow peace to prevail within its fold and give the country the immediate attention needed such as a moral government with the responsibility to award the citizenry with the urgent necessities like to relax the looming insecurity situation to normalcy, likewise, an efficient electoral body should be constructed as to pivot the country towards a matured with smoothly transition to another civil class of leaders that will resolve the restive situation in the Niger Delta and curb the excess of civil insurgences such as the ethnic, cultist and religious fanatics crisis as well as the armed robbery escalation in the federation.


                           THE CORRUPT PHENOMENON AND THE EFCC

 As solution to the mentioned facts, we’re requesting the government to address the unemployment explosion in the country, mostly in the South-South sector of our communal order just as the corruption phenomena should be reduced to it minimum level, accordingly, the EFCC boss Mallam Nuhu Ribatu should not be corrupted politically or gag, so, not to be biased in the process to track down those despoiled citizens but he’s not being bold enough to confront the president for have not declared his asset until now.


Indeed, it has been observed by the citizenry that the EFCC boss is using extra-judicial forces in  prosecuting  the course of his office by exaggeratively using unconstitutional process in chasing alleged  victims of corruptive felony, thus, he should deviate from such act  instead he should be using a civil coded process since we are in a democratic premise we need to hold on civil norms such as the rule of law and natural justice just as the fundamental human rights.

In short, despite sainthood is not associated to nature,  Mallam Ribadu should be advised not succumbed to any of the Presidency faction nor political fanatism.


Besides, his office is meant to be neutral so to bring those  disgruntled elements in the society to book of justice since they  had  abused the constitutional rights of their office  with gross violation motivated by hunger for wealth through public coffers and perhaps with the intention to fight their way back to government and remain uninterrupted.


                                           HISTORICAL REFLECTION

However, the scandalous revelation between Mr. President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and his Mr. Vice President, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, should be thoroughly dealt with by the two chambers of the National Assembly and the Judiciary sector.

Also, the assumed gazetted indictment for  Mr. Vice President should be voided, it contradict the legal process provided by the constitution , therefore,  should be disregarded  or it may probably produced a situation that might foreshadow a dangerous height that could lead to  another civil war that will be similar to that of the first republic, which unfortunately took the life of most of our prominent leaders and beloved statesmen , hence Mr. President  should identify himself with the creed of our late leaders, the likes of,  our first Prime Minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the Saduana of Sokoto - the late  Sir Ahmadu  Bello and the Great  Zik of Africa – Chief Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, and the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo likewise Chief Anthony Enahoro, these are the heroes of our times, we ought to accept  their achievement and developing on them, or the possibility for us to live in harmony will be  encircled with improbability.


Indeed. It is noteworthy that our leaders should reflect deeply on the speech delivered by the Prime Minister  in our first independence day, celebrated on October 1st, 1960.


 The President  of the Republic of Nigeria, the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, and,  Mr. Prime Minister, the late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, were both present in the occasion as well as the executive members of the cabinet.

Thus , the quotation goes:  


" This is a wonderful day, and it is all the more wonderful because we have awaited it with increasing impatience compelled to with one country after another overtaking us on the road when we had almost reached our goals. But now we have acquired our rightful status and I feel sure that history will show that the building of our nation proceeded at the wisest pace: It has been  thoroughly, and Nigeria now stands well built upon from firm foundation."


In a nutshell, if the Presidency fails to resolve the wrangling caused by the hypocrites and sycophants in the arena of the Abuja Aso Villa  that is developed from the malady of ineptitude, as a result to this, it will be convenient for the both principal tenants of the Villa to shed their sword or  they should honourably resign their position just as the culture prescribed, and practiced in the democratic developed world thereby allowing the Legislative ambit or the Judiciary to preside the government and prepare for new leaders that will take over on May 29th, 2007.


 I punned again, because I am culminated with curiousness as to ask this question,  if mistakenly,  the VP  Alhaji Abubakar  Atiku succeeded in contesting for  the coming Presidential poll through the banner of another political party and he eventually won  the election!!  What will be the reaction of Uncle Chief Matthew  Olusegun Obasanjo’s government ?? Will he not exchanged the baton of transition to Atiku’s government ??? However, our leaders should reflect on this before it becomes an open confrontation that may compel the nation to reset its clock.


                                     PATRIOTIC SPIRIT

Undoubtedly, we pray for a perfect INEC body that will be void of corruption by the influence of the incumbent political officers,  also, it will be unwise to feature former military dignitaries in the forthcoming  general polls but we should be thoughtful to considered those democratic minds in the rota of former junta leaders. Moreover, the government should devoid from any practice  to accept those perceived corrupt leaders to contest  any public office.


Nothing that we’re curiously in need of a credible consensus leader to preside the coming dispensation and this might come from any of the five geo-political sectors although with due regards attached to the minority region.

Furthermore, it is equally the right time for a core South-South native become the coming President for at least the first time in the history of Nigerian federation. Nothing that equal opportunity with the virtues of true federalism has to be initiated into the politicology of a corporate establishment like Nigeria.


 Additionally, it will be constitutionally comfortable for the next administration to deliberate on the issue of a  regional rotational process as one of the benchmark to the Presidency in the fifth republic and beyond.

In any case, we should dedicate our minds just as a moral sacrifice to see that we eliminate the forces of slavery mentality and dishonesty from our society, also in the same lode, let unity, peace, love and progress be our best guide between now and beyond.


Also, at 46 it is the ripe time to pivot the country’s political process to a perfect order rather than illusive thoughts coupled with stress of  continuous mismanagements besides we obviously need a patriotic spirit to glean our country toward an Eldorado state just like the atmospheres in the western world, be it Europe, North America, South and the far East Asia etc..

 All the same, we are yeaning for dividends of democracy away from 2007 just like the eras of political revolutions in South Africa led by the great Dr. Nelson Mandela and that of late  Matma Ghandi, also, the recently history of the late chairman Yassar Arafat of the Palestinians Liberation Organisation, to had tempted to freed his people from marginalisation circumstances created by the might of the world supremacy.



I seized this opportunity to strongly advised the power above, that in any modest society it is unwise to use phantom coup as an instrument to distract, abuse and subdue innocent citizens against their fundament rights, regarding to political ambition etc, thus as the principle of nature we’re meant to be treated equally, accordingly our leaders should respect the rule of law since humankind has no distinction.


Also, those Nigerians in the Diaspora are of the feverish desires to come back to their country but they are being suspended because of the cloudy mood of leadership that  has surrounded our nascent democracy, nothing that when a stranger has completed his mission, he should be very happy to return to his fatherland but our case is different due to our country is bedevilled with political ups and downs caused by  mismanagement that emerged from our mediocrity leaders, besides we decry the inclusion of religious denomination likewise tribalism and regionalism into the present political practice in the country more so, the victual paralysis of incompetent leaders should be eroded from the body polity  by stopping dictatorial continuity so as well deleting the one party state trend as a conceptualised system of politicking and let it be replicated with the periods of the second republic presided by Alhaji Shehu Shagari when Nigeria was economic booming and the world respected our green passport and the citizenry wherever they where located besides there was  massively employment in the country and there was no iota of impoverishness nor restiveness within  any section of the federation. Thus we’re still craving for such government to come again.


                                      STATE OF EMERGENCY SAGA

Moreover, the idea of the experimentations of  the massive impeachments of public officers such as governors, speakers etc should be avoided and the governing ideology of installing emergency state should henceforth be voided because it foreshadow dangerous symptoms  that would  lead to, another day of the jackal,  if not cautioned now.


Sorry, it is shameful to observed that the current dispensation is as matter of fact bringing the belt of the ship to anchored within the next  6 months as the constitutional life span of its management thus the PDP ruling administration should considered leaving the stage for another political party since the country is not a one party state therefore the registered 46 political parties should be granted with equal opportunity without violence to contest the highest political offices in the federation without any sort of intimidation or victimization in  every nook and cranny in  the Federation and  lets see if we could give glory to INEC between  now and April  until  May 29th , 2007 thereby the winner of the office of the Presidency would be proclaimed,  we hope it wont be sceptical as easily referred by political analyse.


 All the same, the impeachment and the state of emergency tendency at the moment is not   instrumental solution to a civil management neither in the mainstream of good governance, hence the dictatorship style of this government should be stopped urgently also we cannot support the unconstitutional tenure elongation of this government through these tricks of unpopular leaders as against the electorate mandated leaders, otherwise the predicted break-up of the country is galloping towards the final stage.


Besides,  we should strongly condemned the  mafia dependency of colonial mentality from  our growing democracy and also the Godfatherism cultist  terrorism should completely go-kaput  from the political syllabus of the corporate state in next dispensation.


Meanwhile, let’s be optimistic toward atmosphere of free and fail polls devoid of violence as well as anti-democratic practices, successfully coupled with a smooth exchanged of guards from one political garrisons to another political juggernauts with the mandamus to preside the country’s affairs in the coming democratic management of the fifth republic come 2007 and beyond.



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