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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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The Clock Down?




Sylvester I Ukusare





December 21, 2005



The culture of  power abuse is becoming a continuous practice in a state like Nigeria that presumed operating a democratic government  but conterminated with ups and downs of civil stipulations hence the fierce confrontations by the citizenry will not be ruled out despite the present clamp down on civil liberterians activities and Press freedom.

Therefore, if not cautioned by it political approach for a final dialogue it could lead to a pitfall situation whereby more vicious events would dominate the system that may culminate  the destruction of the country with the likes of the former soviet union likewise the former Yugoslavia republic but, this we wont allowed to surfaced because of its beloved values.

 The country is being observed as a democratic dispensation presently but is complicated with military principles  hence the citizens are totally confused now seeking redress for total  ratification to enable democratic system  prevail.

But if the confused anatomy of unitarial democracy persist  the masses would be forced to bring the clock down hence could permit the opportunity for intervention of the military  again in the country’s management thus we don’t pray for this.

 Although, Nigerians are opposed to junta rules of course familiar now with democratic atmosphere attended with civil composition thus without implementing decrees to administrate the citizenry, thereby it have to be stimulated with more civil reformations.

Thus the act of oppression to freedom of expression and association coupled with subjugation of the   Press freedom  by the government agents  wont create position or  encourage diversity nor dialogue in the country’s complexity composition thus the  existing multiethnic nationalities groups.


The contemporary comportment of our civil administration devoid the etymology of a truly federated context and hence it being accused of diverting thereby usurping the accord of the country’s fundamental charter hence it is opinion that  it should reverse to the principles accorded by the founding fathers of the beautiful  bride Nigeria.

The present thundering episodes in the polity ought to be pacified giving it a restructural  shape so as to enable it administer the populace.

Anyway, it suggest the management for the imminent reformations of  it socio economic context,  as such the political parochial arrangements thus to a balance distributive order as to ascertain transparency to activate the ingridients of  good governance hence will  showcase the citizens to dignified living thereby the atmosphere would once be transferred to a cherished  peace, love, harmony, eventually a perfect unity will be borne.


                                           WRONG MELODY WITH WRONG APPROACH


 In the mean time, It is not that our leaders  are not capable to rule but compounded with wrong advisers thereby making the system to be more cosmetic of conservative principles coupled with syndrome of fascist indoctrination hence it  presumed defaulted.

 Although, Mr. President appears to be Godly and God fearing, of course a born again christian with strong vision for Nigeria’s advancement but being doom with sycophants and appears to be dangling with psychological melancholy thus manipulated by the kitchen advisers..

As with the above digestion, this motivates the  effecting of unpopular policies as canopy to avoid the interruption of  it  incumbent  hence using undemocratic principles in place of civilized norms to activate the affairs of managing the country.

The major problems we are facing for not having  good goverrnance is caused by the self centred and carefree attitudes most of our leaders demostrates while opportune to access to powers but, we don’t think the oneness that maketh the quality of patriotism, that  embody the competence of a quality leader that is still an  illusion to the domestic mentalism of Nigerian government as well as the citizenry.

We, Nigerians are fussy to satisfy thus the main cankerworm affecting the generality of the  populace hence our behaviour to agitations for  government change shall continues  except  we have to review our mentality from primitivism  to civility through the process of respecting individual opinions and dignity as well as depleting from  tribal lining.

 Thence the system  entails a  federal republic despite snowball governments that bypassed its construction of  its fundamental charter .

As recall, the current administration  is being presided  by a south western native but  does not mean he do not represent the nation’s constituency therefore, we seeks for his moral responsibility of prudent to manage the people in the appropriate manner regarding  a “True Governance” propounded  by political philosophers  with the entitled  “Business of management with the competence of proficiency”.

Therefore, as recall, it needs the quality of a true leader with the adequate diplomacy to administrate, although, in the first tenure of Mr.President, it actually demostrated the qualitative skill.


                                                             THE MISCONCEPTION OF MULTIPARTY


This reminds me,  our country is deteriorating toward the verge  instead of progressing,  the reasons to this  is not far fetched owing to the nepotism tendency being inbuilt by leaders  enticed with lust for power and wealth.


Again, the polity is conterminated with a one party structured theory thus not a multiparty system, as a result  every nooks and cronies of the nation is polluted with the ruling party membership.

Of course, the national and states houses of assembly are all almost  one party dominance wherein  it entails the country’ practicing a one party system in assumed democracic environment,  we should not permit  such system because it is not properly structured therein  not with the tender of  civil liberty nor a civil state.

It occurred that  countries like Pakistan, Togo of course, Egypt that had produced the same candidate as president of the country for thereabout  23 years, is a purely dictatorial state but  not in the moral sense of  a democratic neither a civilian state.

After the assassination  of Anwar Saddat of Egypyt, the current President of the country

Mr. Hussein  Mubarak came to power through the ballot box but refused to relinquished it post uptil moment and hence herein the indications to the dodge facts behind the manipulations of  civil doctrinity.

But, it alternatively sponsored by the club of  core conservatives groups coupled with  zionphobianism support.

This is why we now facing one of the most challenges of  political manipulations  in the 21st century.

The Middle East, have toppled the world political ideology presently  with false democracy in exchange for the stool of a “life President”  and generically,  as with a shifting cultivation syatem being stigmatized by the corrupt bigwigs of the globe merely for economic purposes such as the oil business as exchange to perpetuate support to stay  in  power forever .

As recall with strict observations, the beginning of the century of course the third millennium has being beseiged by unskillful  political persons that presides the affairs of  governing.

 However, the fabricators of this recent political doctine have actually and continuously accepted it defeats for the  wrongful  doctrine thus the  imposition of manipulative mandative rights.


Consequently, the actuality  of the Nigerian  political scene have purportively adjusted to the direction of political litigants hence the 2003  elections was culminated with lot of voting malpractices but been upheld by the supreme electorial commission to had mandated some of the unpopular candidates to government and assisted  by the judiciary that supposed to be the main guide to the country’s constitution thereby it ridicule the organic separation of powers .

 As a result to the observed episode it now makes the country to be ungovernable because of those unscrupulous  candidates that jump passed the peoples mandate, catapulted themselves to corridors of powers hence it  has realy affected the machinery of government as well it as soiled the political intergrity of the nation.

Hence they are now nursing other subvertive ideas to retain their incumbency to a perpetual stay to power but unfortunately the complexity of the Nigerian state wont permit it because it  would be difficult for this aim to be realised even with bags of money circulated to the grass roots electorates, as been the traditional method to buy electorates mandates thus, Nigerians should be caution  not to be allowed to sell their birth rights again.

We are more political enlightened than the Egyptians  but some of the Middle East countries are more strategic than us as well as most of the western nations.


                                                                  OUR REALITY


Despite the military successful ruled for decades of years in Nigeria’s  history does not mean  we are not politically dogmatic.

Therefore, we should disassociate ourselves from shortsighted leaders not to fall prey to  political vampires so as to disorganised the God blessed federated structure of the Nigerian state.

The present state of events suggest that the prime leader of the federation should identify  itself  with the sacred constitution so as to reshape the peoples conception by applying the construed believes of the citizenry that ascribed its 1999 management to the  present day government as a truly civil attendance thus, should distance itself from kleptocracy method of management and do away with sycophants  advisers more so should voluntarily round up it regime by May 2007.

Thereupon, should  provide a slot for the South-South  to be the next tenant of Aso Rock in the 2007  as the agreed rotational geo-political formulation  enshrined  by the 1998/99  constitution.


Thus,   it strike my mental reflection that these two southern regions of South East & South-South has been left behind in our political reality assumed with underdogs status, owing to this, it  is the ripe time for our system to consult accountability and transparency in the context of a “One nation and One destiny”  by truely refraining from parochial mentality which could be associated with tribalism or favourism that had beclouded the nation since 1966 hence we should avoid this menace, so to build a developed society enveloped with a sound economy  as a hope for the unborn generation.


For the meantime, we have to  focus on these characterised epidemics of confermity such as the differences between”Intimidation and Terrorism” likewise the differences between “Confrontation and Resistance” ? It is obvious it needed judicious digestion.

 We needed our governance to table this topic to a judiciuos conclusion otherwise the government policies regarding public confrontations and manifestations such like freedom to expression, freedom to criticism , freedom to association and demostration etc should be reinstated and accompanied with it fundamental obligation as a legacy to democratic values..

These two similar phenomenons are currently dominating our polity and the world which  our governance should be attentive in it  interpretations thus, it should respect, as well avoid the usage to their detriment while discharging democratic principles because it could be tantrum to the paralisation of the civil state thus it is only been applied  on imperialistic motives that is not associated with authentic democratise premise thereby the attitude of the ruling government  using the military as a sort of resort to political issues is identified with  juntas regime thereby  authoritarian democracy.

 In view of this, the State of Emergency, in a civilian regime, is not commonly adopted hence the “Felony and Treason” crime is rampant only in a  military administrations thereby our present dispensation should derail from these dramatize democratic blunders and put stopped to the apocalyptical  ideology of hatred and intollerance in the political institution of the Nigerian state and the apolitical  situation of the polity at the moment should be reverse and let the populace feels relieve from the conterminated one party process to a multiparty system and this would permit the activation of a truly opposition pole that should streamline the party system as either to  two or three active political parties thus, to realised a perfect democratic state with equal representations in the affairs of government as it was in the union’s formation.

It is sanatic to have observed only one polical party with simple majority in the the national and the 28 states assembly, this is unfounded and hence it is galvanised with corruption and not   prudent nor democratise as being construed  by the government of the day.

Therefore, for a better government,  it is feverish that  we needed a change because there are more qualified citizens wishing to serve the nation and straighten the wrongs of the predecessors hence it is presumably,  it has to be.

 More so, there is no provision in our constitution for  partitocracy.


                                    THE PLEA FOR PEACE AND CHANGE IN ATTITUDE


As patterns to the mandated Governor of Bayelsa state DSP Alamieyeseigha but now impeached by the dramatized war between “Obj Vs Alamieyeseigha  with comparism to Bush Vs Saddam”, is equivalent to exaggeration of power superiority”, thus the circumstances surrounding his  impeachment is exaggerative, nothing more than excessive   and  gross abuse of  privilege with a calculative attempts to intimidates regionalism contestations from further agitations for constitutional rights thus the South-South for “Resource Control” of which the government openly displayed its opposition for the political emancipation of the natives of this region in the comic boycotted Confab that ended wrongly as well as with the indirect continuous obstacles of the PRONACO forum for the constitutional redefination of our federal union.

It fails to recollect that most of the dignitries that composed this forum were some of the members that constituted  the former NADECO movement that had faught for the liberation of the country from the blood thasty tyranic jumta rules of Abachiasm as well as the freedom of Mr. President from the tyrant draconian jail that all  now resulted to the hard earned democratic government presided by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

But we should not  forget the adage with the indication  thus “He who fights today and run, will fight another day”.

 Therefore it  will be unfortunate if the action to resist and deprive the peoples rights through frustrative governmental policies come to dawn now, it wont argue well within the shortest future  because “he that laugh last laugh best”.


 The appropriate time have come for the federal authority to choose dialogue through civil process to resolve  it differences rather than confiding with  the idea of militarizing the nation compulsionsly   making  it becomes uncomfortable for the law abiding citizens, it  is a  wrong omen with a bad sign with  barbaric approach, thus it is advisable for the government to change direction.


As would be recalled, it has been outlay that  soldiers were made to protect the boarders of the federation from external aggression but not to effect transfer of soldiers to a state embody by the federated union hence the police are meant to prevail in such circumstance.

Therefore it is timely to end up this paronoia and let the citizenry have a breath  of relieve  in a tranquil atmosphere. 

Meanwhile, it is steely suggested that  for the sake of civil liberty and a civil society, the government is kindly advised to tender  justice with peace by withdrawing the military presence in the entire region of the Niger Delta and allow the Gulf coast axis of the South-South the sacred freedom, hence it needed a diplomatic approach to restore justice to people of this marginalise area


                                                             THE ACCORD


Although, the accord with the United States of America to take over the affairs of the Niger Delta zone, this biliterial accord is commendable but how real would it be justified !

 Thus, it is of good advise that it should be disconnected, be it practical or theoritical  not to bring the nation to another colonization thus the US should be allowed to resolve the myraids of insecurity and the immigration dissimilarity policies in its country such as the Katrina  episode and others socio economic political inequality in that country.

The american government is with more  problematic situations to resolved than we presumed thus giving opportunity to such initiative will  be the end of the economic potentiality of the Nigerian state. Are the Caribbean in good economic shape or worst than it should be ?

 Rome was not built in a day therefore we have to sacrify the God giving potentiality of our nation through Oneness and Unity to build our country, thus we should emulate from India.


                                                        THE  EFCC


 Again, there are more corrupt citizens that assumed impunity and they are not hunted for as the case of the embattled and impeached governor, even in the western world, the code of conduct for public officers and governance does not work perfectly , they are  much corrupt than we assumed hence our government  should not exposed our nation forthwith because our national problems should be dealth with strict reserve, coupled with maximum intillegence but not to be exaggerated as with the case of the dethroned governor that was immediately arrested despite the law has not proved him guilty neither it legal process have commence. It is of the views from all juridical angle that his impeachment look suspicious and compounded with pyrothecnics act thus it  is not  subsidiated with  democratic process and it is sad that  our democracy is presumed laughable, although, a developing democracy of a third world nation more so  it has no difference with a developed democracy .




Sir, it is therefore the time we should accommodate each others differences, the world does not rejoice with us rather we are laughing stock to the entire globe and we have a ruin reputations, thus it is of good opinion that the EFCC campaign should be relax a bit  in its awesome hunting  not  to lead to further calamity that would undertone our democracy as well as the intergrity of the entire citizenry thus our country.

The praises realised from the supronationals bodies as with the compounded event of the dethroned governor and his arrest are ridiculous and pretentious thereby it is an indirect insult to the populace of the blessed federation..


It is noted that these continental and universal body that gave kudos to Mr. President for his war on corruption are culprits to Nigerian problems and its underdevelopment thus their pretentious act is to destroy the country because of it  strategy as the most black populated nation’s in the globe that is appropriate to a world political definition thus the pillar of African unity.

 Thereupon, the mass deportations of the Nigerian citizens rampandly from the developed world testifies the pretentious comportments of these crocodies body that have strong hatred for Nigerians as such enemies to our country.

Thus, the government should know that Nigerians are marginalised and tipified with  intolerance  because of their black skin and the inbuilt  intelligent, therefore, it should not pleased the world  by displeasing her citizenry, so, it deserved to change it political strategy and attend it with domestic reality such as our leaders be imbibed by patriotism to build the society and it economy, If not, the country is mortgage and  will continuously be overcome  by it  imposed sponsors, owing to these, we needs governance of foresights with patriotisms , be it  sunny or rainny.


So far, the immediate problems needed to be resolved now is the insecurity state and the unemployment  situations in the country that is incubating restiveness and criminals activities, as such, it is advisable to develop the economy with it infrastructures so as to generate jobs for  pyramids of the jobless as well should put a stopped to the torture of detainees and the traditional judicial killings by the country’s security enforcement operatives such as the police institution and other security services of the nation.


In a nutshell, my kinsmen of the Urhobo tribe normally conclude their messages with the   exclamation of “Urhobo Waado ! Nigeria Waado !… Mesiagware ! Iya ! iya ! iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”.

As with this dialetic exclamation  i hereby conclude my evangelistic messages  by recommending that our most respected inlaw of the Niger Deltans, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, we kindly seek your lordship to render us the opportunity of being optimistic thereupon you should kindly adopt  civil strategies to govern the country thus we clamour for a true democracy,  ensure that you  leave your  position to others as an obligation at the end of the two tenure rules in 2007.

 You have perform enough for Nigeria and Nigerians, thus you will be glorified and your name will remains in the golden book of the Nation. Therefore, in goodwill, just as in sportmanship spirit, bade goodbye to power and let others try. 

It is also a suggestion that  let the next  slot for the Presidency be for the South-South, this approach will buttress the Nigerian Unity by making the federation having it true colour.


Consequently and conclusively,  let the nation’s clock be erected again to keep working in the right direction for the betterment of the God loving people, also, to provide hope for the unborn generation ascribed with one nation and one destiny.


Sir - May God bless you ! 






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