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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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Untested Spirits; For Democracy




Larry Ubochi







May 16, 2005



As the faithful were asked to test the spirits to determine if it’s from God or from Satan, in the same context one can ask Nigerians to test these former military men as for their readiness to work with their civilian counterparts in this system called democracy. I think that placing a total ban on them can be said to be morally and politically incorrect, for two wrongs can never make a right. 


In every profession, people thinks theirs are more important or things of the sort, as lawyers always call themselves ‘the learned comrades’ thus placing those outside their profession as the unlearned and unsophisticated, while economist thinks their profession is the one and only one that makes people see things the right way, and with the ability to interpret its economic meanings. The third profession that has been portraying those outside its corridors as unimportant is the military, which thinks that they are the most disciplined.


Among these professions and the prides that goes with it, the military is the one that calls for special attention, because of its nature, this is a profession with a special training both physically and morally. Because of the role these military men/women plays in the society, they sometimes can be subjected to all sorts of therapies in which l think our brothers in the medical field are in a more better position to describe, in which l’m afraid to try here to avoid sounding offensive.


Another similar profession is that of professional boxing, which has been asked to desist from public fighting as well as fighting with those outside its profession or outside certain categories, this way the public can put them in check as on their readiness and ability to mix peacefully with the rest of the society. Based on the arguments, l believe the military needs a constitutional means of checking and testing them on their ability to live in peace with their civilian counterpart in particular. As this may be the case in other parts of the world, Western Europe, U.S.A. etc.


As most of the politicians in U.S.A. and Western Europe are past military men/women, even almost all the past U.S. Presidents except Bill Clinton were formally in the military, but the case here is none of these politicians has never dared to vie for the highest sit in the country as the only means of regaining power, they either start with the a sit in the congress, the senate or at the gubernatorial level, this way the people can decide who’s who, and their ability to govern in a democratic setup.


There’s no doubt in my mind that most of the these military men in Nigeria can do well in this democratic school of learning, coupled with their discipline in the military, this procedures can help them understand the real process of democratic politics, as well as prepare them for the difficult challenges ahead, if the will is still there!, as this will probably help them come to terms with the tedious job of a civilian and democratic President, equip them with the knowledge to argue, tolerate and settle issues amicably where there’re disagreements. Unlike in the military, where the boss decides everything and ordering those under them to carry out their orders, turning them into semi gods in which no one is allowed to ask question, as he/she will be termed as been disobedient in which every one knows the consequence, the only rule that counts in the military is ‘obey the last order’. But in the civic society vis vis, debates, arguments, disagreements, and things of the sort, democracy is an act of freedom, where people are allowed and ought to air their views whether individually or collectively. But because of the nature of military service, sometimes they found it difficult to come to terms with these processes, forcing them to indulge in undemocratic acts like usurpation of powers, thus making laws without proper consultation with the legislative branch.


The military are used to ruling with decrees and autocracy, but by the time they start as senators or governors or things of the sort, under which they are already equipped to carry on with this tremendous and head turning job of the executive.

As we’re shun from bad spirits and the false prophets, l again in the same context call on my fellow country men/women to beware of those generals and former dictators who feels too big, too rich and too powerful as well as too experienced to start from the senate or the gubernatorial level, as Nigeria is too big to be entrusted unto the hands of another unpredictable power monger, as they’re not going there {Aso Rock} to deliver, but to be delivered, for it’s not power that corrupts, but it’s the fear to lose power that corrupts. Long live federal republic of Nigeria and may God bless all of us.      


 By Larry ubochi.



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