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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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Pro-Sovereign National Conference Coalition (PRONACO)



Thursday, January 13, 2005









That after  44 years of independence of Nigeria from British rule, after a forceful merger of the indigenous peoples by foreign powers, the people of Nigeria remain perpetually traumatized by socio-economic misrule, characterized by the misadventure of military rule, unbridled corruption, perpetual ethnic conflict, mis-governance, collapse of moral values, extreme poverty, high infant mortality rate, collapse of infrastructure, dwindling fortunes of the people of Nigeria, the black man’s most populous nation on earth, unparalleled misery and death, and now coupled with the helplessness of the ruling political parties.


That we realize that Nigeria came into existence in 1914, by the fiat of Britain without consultation with the indigenous peoples, who have lived on their territories for time immemorial, and that since the independence of 1960, the people have never had the opportunity, and have never been given one, despite the common desires, out of their own freewill, to deliberate on their political and economic future.


That though Nigeria is the 8th leading producer of oil with over 2million barrels of oil per day, a country endowed with versed human and natural resources, yet her citizens remain pauperized, writhing at the bottom of the heap.


Whereas, the United Nations, UN in 1994 declared the decade of indigenous peoples, which ended in the year 2004, and yet, the 8-point Millenium Development Goals, MDG, the Nigerian people have been excluded by political leaders, driven by self-interest from benefiting from these goals.


That based on the realization both locally and internationally, that the people of Nigeria must save the nation from a possible violent collapse, we the representatives of ethnic, social and professional organizations decided to hold this historical Pro-National conference as a prelude to the National Conference aimed at saving the country from self-destruction.


That for the past two decades, Nigerian people, downcast and troubled by their toil-worn condition, have renewed their desire to create a platform whereby, born out of their common volition, the people will decide on their future, and in the process, determine how they want to live together in a country of free people, where sustainable development, democracy and overall human development is guaranteed.


That in the past few months, the country has further gone down the ladder rating of human development, also the crisis in the country has taken a frightening dimension, with the forceful seizure of democratic structures by the forces of darkness, increasing cases of assassinations, armed uprising in some parts of the country and the lack of vision and dynamic solution to the numerous problems that seem to have grounded the nation almost into a state of anomie and political stupor.


That whereas the Nigerian people have a consensus to organize a Sovereign National Conference, SNC, but this demand has been undermined by the government of Nigeria.


Inspired by the patriotic zeal to rescue our nation from the trajectory of poverty, tyranny and despondency, over 500 delegates drawn from ethnic nationalities, social and professional organizations met at a two day conference held at the Airport Hotel from January 12 to 13, 2005 hereby pass the following resolutions:


That delegates resolve, as a matter of overriding national urgency, to convoke a Sovereign National Conference, SNC which will be made up of delegates drawn from ethnic, social and professional groups.





The SNC is to address ethnic, religious, social, economic and other relevant matters. That the people of Nigeria are convinced that the SNC will bring hope where there is despair, and confidence where fear and uncertainties lay siege.


To draw Nigeria away from the current brink of socio-political explosion.


To develop a platform where all aggrieved nationalities in Nigeria can sincerely and peacefully address the sore issues of our federation.

To produce a people’s Constitution for a restructured Nigeria that conforms with the aspirations of the nationalities and for good governance.


To build a new nation where no person or ethnic group is oppressed and where justice, equity and rule of law prevail.

To sensitise the population for a popular approach to the SNC.



That there should be no area of restrictions in the discussions by the delegates at the Conference.


That SNC will be made up of delegates elected by the people in their
constituencies using whatever mechanism that they deem necessary.

That representation should cover Ethnic Associations, Political Parties and Social and Civil Organisations.

That youths, students and women will be given adequate representation.





That there should be a plan of Action detailing the strategies and activities towards the realization of the SNC.

That there should a three tier structure comprising the secretariat, the planning committee and the congress with due consideration given to mass participation and field work.


That there should be primary conferences among the ethnic nationalities, mass and popular organizations and within the geo-political zones to articulate their positions.


That leaders of the initiative should conduct a tour of the Nigerian Federation so as to mobilize effectively for popular participation and also to allay the fears, especially in the North, of those forces, that hold the erroneous view that the SNC is aimed at breaking up the country.




That there will be no areas of restriction, but that the key issues the SNC wishes to address are:


* Acceptable Federation and

* the right to self-determination.


Other issues are:


* allocation of sovereignty and values between the central government and the Federating Nationalities,

* Fiscal Federalism, i.e. resource control and development,

* viable system of government and constitution making,

* decentralization of the armed forces and the entire security services.
* The rights of Youth and Children.
* The Gender Question.

* Religious tolerance and Secularity of the Nigerian state.
* Socio-Economic justice and good governance.

That the decision of the Conference must be subjected to a referendum.




The meeting agreed that there should be a time frame for the conference and the SNC must be held not latter than June, 2005.



That the Nigerian people totally reject the National Dialogue being organized by the Federal Government of Nigeria since the government sponsored conference lacks legitimacy, transparency, honesty of purpose and popular support from the Nigerian people.


That the PDP led government has no legitimacy and therefore lacks the moral authority to organize a Conference of this magnitude.










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