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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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The Nigeria Eminent Elder:

The Age Of Respect Is Dead




Femi Oyesanya



August 1, 2004



We have reached value bankruptcy. Chieftaincy is for sale to the highest bidder, tradition for auction, thieving children are no longer outcasts of the family, and corruption has become our national pastime. Our traditional moral values are totally destroyed. We have become nihilist     


If anyone is responsible for our nihilistification, it is the Nigerian Elder! The so called eminent Nigerian.

Once the epitome of decency, the Nigerian Elder has become the notable champion of our moral decay. Our Elder is the looting Politician, the crooked Statesman, the incompetent Technocrat, the rogue Traditional Ruler, and the false miracle peddling Religious Leader. All our institution's have become violated by corrupt Men, and the Elder is the towering symbol of all our depravity. He is a thieving Person. Robbing tradition by demanding respect, and stealing the Country blind.


The Elder is the reason we have become almost a failed state. He ruined most of our traditional institution, damaged modern authority and order. A Nigerian Elder is a totally lawless character. Bribery is the tool he uses to defeat our values. Our elders brought the culture of “Chop I. Chop” upon us, colluding with the Nigerian Military to blunder our progress. In civilian rule, the Elder was even worse. He created political thuggery, and electoral process theft. The Elder does not value Democracy. He is a chauvinist of power. Elder by any means necessary!


Our Elders are also prodigal. The Elders does not create industry, he ruins it. Once ruined, he carts his spoils to foreign lands. Our Elders are spoilers. They have rubbished us as a Nation, and damaged our National pride. The Elders have no interest in National development. They loathe a prosperous Nigeria .


Our Elders are also debtors. Huge debt was never a way of life for us. They owe the International community billions of Dollars, most of the money borrowed at a period of economic prosperity. These shameless men are now asking for debt forgiveness.  Our Forefather never asked for debt forgiveness. Our Elders now live in fear. They forgot that they will suffer from the blights of moral decadence they brought upon us. Now the roads are bad, the Elders must drive through pot holes like everybody else. Now the hospitals are gone, the Elders must seek treatment overseas, This year alone, several Elders died in foreign hospitals. Hahaha! Loot the Hospitals, get Cardiac Arrest in Nigeria , rushed for medical treatment is a foreign Country. What do you have? A dead Elder! Dead and flown back for burial in Nigeria . Son of the Soil came back home in a casket.


Our Elders are also threatened. Most of them keep Robbery tithe at home, should in case Armed Robbers descend on their homes. Yes, They pay Armed Robbery taxes like everybody else. Our thieving Elders, living in fear of burglars. We have become shameless.


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