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On Owners of Nigeria: Public Interest or Mischief?

- Response To Jamilu Jikamshi -




Seyi Oduyela



February 5, 2005



Honestly, I am not used to responding to rejoinders except on cases like this. If I had to respond to all rejoinders on my articles, I never get anything personal done. But this one will serve as a general response to the pro-Atiku writers.


I read this, thanks to those who called my attention and even took the pains to forward it to me.


I sympathise with the writer and others who have written in the same vein. It is not abnormal that there are still individuals who just for bread and butter feel the truth and fact could be watered down.


As far as I am concerned their responses is nothing but what we call begging the question in Philosophy. None has really disputed anything rather copying and repeating what others have said and written.


I was not writing about Gemade and Anenih, I was writing about Atiku. Of course Anenih and Gemade are part of our problems, but I think, the problem of Jamilu and his co-travelers is that they are being ruled by sentiments as against fair judgment of the Nigerian situation.


Let us start from this, are they denying that Atiku actively participated in Abacha transition programme? Atiku ran for Governorship election under Abacha’s transition programme. When did he visit Yar’Adua in prison? But they have been putting up excuses that Abacha wanted to kill him.


As I have said, I am not a paid writer and not a beneficiary of any of these rogues. I understand why some of them are so bitter.


My acknowledgement of Gemade and Anenih were not deceitful, I am sole writer of my article and I know when who comes up in my write ups. I do not really understand why these beneficiaries of Atiku are crying wolves.


I think they need, especially Jamilu, should read my past articles on on what I wrote on Obasanjo and his 30Million monthly profit. It is clear that what are they trying to do is damage control. And I want to advise them on how to go about it.


It is very simple. Let their Godfather come out and declare his assets. Where did he get $500Million to build a university?

Why are they shedding tears now? I have written about Obasanjo, Babangida, Abacha, Abiola and many others. Do they mean that Atiku is a saint? Are they saying that all he got are acquired legitimately? $500 Million is half of $1Billion and an individual is spending that to build a university, for whom? The Nigerian President was in Switzerland two Thursdays ago saying Africa is poor, we need aid, and he was the person who laid the foundation stone of the $500Million University in Adamawa. Who is fooling who? $500Million in Nigerian currency at 137.00 Naira exchange rates is 68.5Billion Naira, spent by an individual. Especially the number two citizen of a country believed to be poor and owing. A country that is still begging for debt relief. Who are we fooling?


I know many of these writers have a lot at stake in Atiku’s political ambition. That is why they will stop at nothing to attack anybody who writes anything against their Presidential candidate. I consider this a waste of time, at least of my own precious time. I want to advise that they concert their energy on how to get hold of what they are losing, which is the control on their dying political party.


I have seen clearly that all these people are ruled by selfish and sentimental passion to let Atiku see that they are defending him, that is why they did not bother to go back and read what I have been writing before now.


I want to advise that they go back and start from Owners of Nigeria I-XI and other articles, like the Crown Prince and his Subjects, Atiku’s Profligacy, Road to Perdition, and many that I have written on this government. I have not spared anybody, from Obasanjo, to Babangida, to El Rufai, the Senators, and all those who are involved in this chop-I-chop government of Obasanjo.


Last advice, here in America, when former President Bill Clinton became President, he declared his assets and liabilities. Everything he owned with his wife was declared not only for the American public but for the whole world. Governor Yar’Adua of Katsina is the only Governor that has come forward to declare his assets and liabilities to the public, including his late brother’s assets and liabilities he is holding on trust. For accountability, and responsibility, let Atiku lead, as they have claimed he is, come out and declare everything he has. He should not forget the Potomac Mansion, the Shopping complex on Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington DC and some others that we know. And more importantly, how the $500 Million came about for the University. If he does this and we see that they are not doctored, because we have our own records here, I will volunteer to campaign for him here in the US.


God Bless Nigeria and Curse his Troublers. Amen and Amen.



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