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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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-PART 10

Who is Fooling Who?

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Seyi Oduyela




January 20, 2005


It is interesting seeing groups springing up again with the same people coming together to fight for “our freedom.”


It seems, to me, that we are sitting on a barber’s chair going round and round, doing the same thing all over again. Are we not tired of these old ways of fighting? It is monotonous. I am one of those who do not have confidence in the group coming together to fight Obasanjo. The reason is not far fetched. It is a case of children of same parent now coming to wash their dirty linen in public. Most of the members of the so-called G-34 are friends and supporters of this dead, good-for-nothing government. They hoodwinked unsuspecting poor Nigerians into supporting these monsters. They appealed to our sentiments riding on their spent integrity to deceive us.


Honestly I am confused as to whom to believe and follow. None of these people have the credibility I am looking for. They have all wined and dined with this devil and they are too contaminated to be associated with.


Nigerians do not need any group of people to return power to them. When the time comes Nigerians will rise and take their power by themselves. We need to stop this hypocritical attitude. We should wake up from this old idea of people looking for cheap way to gain relevance in the scheme of things in Nigeria.


As I said earlier, many of those in this group calling for National Confab are friends and advisers of Obasanjo. Some of them are part of his kitchen cabinet, as a result they lack the moral right to come and tell us that they will return power to us. We do not want their kind of power. It is a kind of power of a wasted generation. Spent, dead, obsolete. It is the power to steal. Loot, kill, maim and destroy.


We want a fresh, brand new power. The kind of the one we generated on June 12, 1993. That was an undiluted power. It was direct from the people. Not foisted by a few of opportunists. These people behave like honorary PDP members.


Why do we have this problem today? It is because some of our so-called respected elders have compromised. They have sold out and mortgage the trust and confidence we reposed on them. Their term of leadership has expired. We gave all the time in the world and they could not deliver us from the fangs of these killers, who have drained us to the last drop of blood.


They have their sons and daughters appointed as Obasanjo’s advisers and redundant Assistants. It is a case of disguised unemployment. They do nothing but collect salaries, live in free houses, electricity, water, and everything free at the expense of the man who collects 7,500 a month. This is callous.


If they have axe to grind with their brother-in-conspiracy they should not drag us into it. They should not also use National Confab to drag innocent, impoverished Nigerians into another bloodbath. They have done enough into damaging the psyche of these poor people. Enough is enough. 


Let us assume that Chief Bola Ige, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Chief Richard Akinjide, the Yoruba Council of Elders, and other members of this group calling for National Confab had insisted on the National Confab as Chief Gani Fawehinmi and some other Human Rights groups have insisted in 1998, are we going to have this situation today? No many of them agreed to give Obasanjo the chance, not because they believe he could deliver, but different group and allies joined Obasanjo for selfish reasons, some to get even with their rivals and spite them at the expense of the good of Nigeria and others for their children to taste power as Senior Assistants and Special Assistants to President Obasanjo. Hence we are where we are now. They make us feel that our problem is that of North against South. But Obasanjo’s misrule has shown that the Nigerian problem is north ethnic, but rather class struggle. Of the Rich versus the impoverished, of conscienceless power versus powerless conscience. Now they are now training their children to take over, thereby subjecting us to perpetual slavery, transferring their hegemony to their children. That is why we have an animal doctor as Health Commissioner in Ogun State, she is warming up to be a Senator, at least her father has been fortunate to get what some people labored to get but could not on a platter of gold.


Now what happened to the murder of Chief Bola Ige? Why are the leaders keeping quiet? Harry Marshal died no investigation except for the rent-the-suspect style of the big-belly Tafa Balogun.  He came out to tell us that armed robbers killed Marshal. The police did not investigate the source of information of the arrangee robbers. How did they know that Marshall was going to receive money? Our hired killer Police of Nigeria did not tell us. 


It is sad that the Patriots were used by Obasanjo. I know as at 2001 that Obasanjo gave them the impression that he was interested in National Confab. That was the basis of Chief Richard Akinjide’s discussion with members of Afenifere who are also members of the Patriots. The reasoning was that Obasanjo meant to make corrections in his second term. At least I hard from the president’s Chief Security Officer more than 6 times. According to him, Obasanjo will use his first term to consolidate and make necessary amendments in his second term. What did he consolidate?


Now we have the Afenifere supporting Babangida. Chief Adebayo Adefarati has been quoted as supporting Babangida. Apparently to spite Atiku who said after the 2003 419 election that the AD lost the Yoruba state to PDP due to their arrogance.   Adefarati has not come out to tell us the principle behind their support for Babangida.  


The man Adefarati was a Commissioner under late Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin. Baba Ajasin ruled the old Ondo state for four years. And for the four years, the old man did not change his wardrobe, he didn’t change his car and he lived as the state governor in his private house maintained by himself not with government money.  When Alhaji Shehu Shagari was to visit the State, Baba Ajasin was persuaded to renovate the house, the man refused to do it with the state money.


When Adebayo Adefarati became Ondo State governor, it was the opposite. He renovated his house opposite the University; he actually spent more money on his house than on the University. Rode in cars with long entourage at the expense of the state. His life style as Ondo State governor was a sharp contrast to that of his former boss. He belonged to the 21st Awoists. This is a jet age!  They relied on the unwritten agreement with Obasanjo that they support him and they will hold on to their states. That was what the Insider Weekly in Nigeria called Alliance of Deception. And it was indeed.


Chief Segun Osoba was too sure of Obasanjo’s support that he became his mouthpiece. In all his campaigns, Osoba will speak for Obasanjo more than for himself. He has forgotten that he was talking to illiterates; the PDP capitalized on this and confused the electorates that Obasanjo and Osoba are one so they should vote for Umbrella, PDP symbol. I know who sold the dummy of AD’s support for Obasanjo’s second term bid to the Afenifere; the same person is now part of the group yearning for National Confab, because Obasanjo has ditched them. I warned then through someone close to Osoba that PDP will rig the election in Ogun State, but they didn’t take it serious. Baba Adesanya was shocked to see that he lost in his polling booth in Ijebu-Igbo. Mustapha now a House of representative member slapped Chief Gbenga Kaka, Osoba’s Deputy at the election center. I will say more on Mustapha and who he is in my future Owners of Nigeria. I am sure Nuhu Ribadu, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission Chairman, will be interested. So if the like of Mustapha can be at the House of Representatives, what stops the Chairman of National Union of Road Transport Workers to contest and represent his own constituency? Are these people making laws for us?


For the first time a murder suspect contested an election from prison, without campaigning, he won landslide. It took the intervention of the Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Bode George and late Chief Sunday Afolabi to give victory to Iyiola Omisore in prison. Did Omisore actually aspire for the Senate seat? What was the involvement of Atiku in this? Who did Audu Ogbeh refer to as forces within PDP that imposed Iyiola Omisore?  Verily I say Audu Ogbeh owe Nigerians explanation. The missing link of those who killed Ige is with Chief Audu Ogbeh. If only he tells us who imposed Omisore then we know who sent him to kill Ige.


The late Tafa Balogun, I mean ex- Police Inspector General messed up Ige’s case. Nobody has bothered to ask why four DIGs handled the Ige murder case and they were all transferred or retired at the middle of such important and volatile matter. Ojomo started it; she was sent out and later retired.


The afternoon before Ige was murdered, Iyiola Omisore and his men held a meeting in front of his father-in-law’s house at Olorunsogo, Eleyele, Ile Ife. They hid behind cars parked opposite the Assemblies of God Church; this was at about 4:30pm of the day Chief Bola Ige was killed. They were fully armed and the street was deserted. It was like a curfew. The police knew about this meeting. Omisore bought an uncompleted building near Chief Bola Ige’s house; those living in that house moved out on Monday, a day after Chief Ige was killed.  Fryo met Omisore through Olagbaju (now late). Omisore was a member of campus cult when he was in school, so was Olagbaju and Fryo. Fryo was involved directly or indirectly in the Ife massacre of 1999 where students of Awolowo Hall of Obafemi Awolowo University were attacked and murdered. In actual fact, Omisore was involved in Ige’s murder. How was he involved?


Stay tuned for second part of WHO IS FOOLING WHO?


Tinubu, Atiku, Kalu Alliance is on the way.


Senator Wabara will join and many more.






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