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Seyi Oduyela 
Hyattsville, MD, USA



January 14, 2005


After the 9th part of Owners of Nigeria, I received an email from one Onukaba, who I later identified as the Special Adviser to the Nigerian Vice President on Media. He accused me of lying against his boss, who he described as a God-fearing man.

He also alleged that I am being sponsored to assassinate Atiku's character. He cursed me that God will punish me. I did not bother to reply his email, because few days after, I started to receive emails from other sources with the same message. I got one from Belgium, one from Los Angeles in California and others that I cannot determine their locations. So I took their responses as attempt to distract me and I ignored them.

I am working on the University project going on in Adamawa State. From a very reliable source, it is going to cost the Vice President a whopping $500 Million! You will wonder where a man who went into private business in 1989 after retirement made such money to put on a university project. All I wrote in my part IX have been published in November 2001 in Tempo Magazine. Most of these are not new. I am actually compiling the list of Alhaji Atiku's property in the United States, their locations and the fronts. The Adamawa project is going to be a replica of the American University in Washington DC.

If my action is seen as trying to stop Atiku from becoming the next President of Nigeria, I want to confirm that YES, it is true. I am not waging this war against an individual; it is a war against a class of people. I have stated from Owners of Nigeria part one, that I intend to expose all these people. I started with Obasanjo, I have touched Babangida, Abacha, MKO Abiola and more will still be mentioned. Atiku is not alone in this, so why the fuss? This is the time for him to declare openly his assets and liabilities and sources of his wealth.

Do I have a sponsor? Yes I do. Not one, but many. Nigerians who read my articles, who supply missing links in my write-ups, who send words of encouragements, even those of you who accuse me of being bought are my sponsors and above all, my conscience.

It is now clear that the biggest party in Africa is dying, running out of steam. Many of us know that what is called PDP is a combination of strange bed fellows. People joined not because of a common dream for their country, but because they share one thing in common, and that looting and protecting their dubious sources of wealth. That is why we have the largest concentration of military and military apologists in that party.

They have money, power but no integrity. Their personality rating is zero. None of them can come out to the open and defend the source of their wealth. In spite of what they have stolen, they still cannot afford to pay for electricity that is why many of them will die in public offices. It was only the governor of Katsina state who came out openly to declare his assets. According to Jesus' reaction to the Pharisees, any house that divides against itself shall not stand. This PDP is doomed to fall like the wall of Jericho, it will fall. None of the parties are genuine; I mean the three major parties. The three so-called major parties have been facing same problems from inception, because their births were similar. They were the product of the so-called G-34 that confronted Abacha. This group split and gave birth to All People's Party, People's Democratic Party and Alliance for Democracy.  

It is a known fact that the Late Chief Bola Ige if not wrote the constitution of the three parties, played a prominent role in the putting together the constitutions of the parties. They have same pattern of internal problem. All fighting for superiority when they carry inferior personality around. All the three parties rode on the people's innocence to cheat; they all used the sweat and blood of the heroes and heroines of the June 12, 1993 election, annulled under that leadership of Ibrahim Babangida to cheat us. It is a pity that we allowed this, most especially the Alliance for Democracy.

Alliance for Democracy had its problem rooted in personality clashes of former followers of Pa Awolowo; they carried their fight from 1978 United Party of Nigeria's (UPN) to 1998. The fight for supremacy that reared its head at the Yola convention of the UPN in 1983 or 1982 and what led to the unfortunate incarceration and eventual death of the Ayekoto (Late Bisi Onabanjo). Because the party itself has elements of military apologists within it system, because the birth of the party was as a result of inability of some people to realize their ambition in the former two parties, they moved from PDP to APP and formed AD at the eleventh hour with the crying grandmother as a pioneer member. That it was the former deputy Governor of Lagos state who got the registration form for the party and her later activities in the party showed that the leaders of the Alliance for Democracy and a bunch of individuals with no serious vision.

Some of their elders have never in their political career contested for the post of a local government counselor in the ward, but they live on the elected. They are political agbero. They sponsor people to political offices and claim royalties. The crisis of the 1999 governorship primaries in Lagos state is a good example. They get their democratic dividend through percentages on contracts awarded to their candidates, and others.

Is it possible for Abdukadir to become the National Chairman of Alliance for Democracy if late Pa Awolowo were to be alive? Will late Bola Ige parade Abdukadir as AD National Chairman? Will Chief Ayo Adebanjo parade Mamman Yusuf as AD Chairman? These are questions for these elders to answer. Unfortunately only one is alive to answer. The simple answer is that there was no collective interest in the Nigerian polity by these so-called elders. Yes they fought Abacha through NADECO, but we fought too, though we may not form any organization. It should be made clear that the military was actually not in control of Nigeria, but a collection of mean, inhuman group of people who use the military as an avenue to perpetrate their senseless actions. We have seen military personnel who stood out. Major-General Ishola Williams (rtd), Colonel Dare (rtd) are few of those I know who served and left the military as officers and gentlemen. It was not the noise of NADECO or any G-34 that sacked Abacha's government; it was the force that brought Abacha in that got him out. They were simply tired of him, and wanted a change. They saw that it was difficult for them to enjoy what they stole. There were restriction on their movements abroad and other sanctions. All these caused by Abacha who broke away or rather was high jacked by another force. It was expedient for them to take care of Abacha, as a sacrifice for their freedom. They put him there and got him out. No NADECO, NALICON or any group did. They are still in charge. They wrote the misleading and confusing constitution. That is why we have a Federal system of government with a unitary power. Everything is controlled from the center. Many of those at the national assembly cannot change it because they beneficiaries of this junk. Many of them are lawyers without significant achievement whether in private practice or public.

Anyim was a civil servant; he came in as a Senator from Eboinyi state. He was nobody until he became the Senate President and left the Senate stupendously rich. He never dreamt of having property in Aso Koro five years before 1998. He now has a rich Law Chamber, mighty house in his village and Abuja and Texas. Alhaji Umar Na'Abba came to the House of Representative in his Honda Accord, and left with fleet of cars. He left with property scattered in Nigeria and abroad. What about Ministers?

Has anybody bothered to check these two people after they left office, the source of their wealth? We saw them when Anyim and his men changed the law on the impotent Anti- Corruption Commission. How Obasanjo, Anyim and Na'Abba forged the Electoral law. Nobody can check them, because they members of the same party. Not political party but looting association.

To me, the AD, ANPP, and PDP are one. Why is it that those who live AD go to PDP and not ANPP? Many of them give reason for the crisis in AD as excuse, but the PDP crisis is greater than that of any other party. We saw how journalists voted at the PDP convention that elected Barnabas Gemade, with Obasanjo sitting and jubilating. We have seen the expulsion of Sunday Awoniyi, Bamanga Tukur, Harry Marshal, Immanuel Ibeshi, Gbenga Olawepo, Ume Ezeoke, Etiebet and many from PDP. We saw how Gemade was shown the way out.

If people now say that Obasanjo cannot accept the resignation of Ogbeh, how come they allow him to overturn the suspension order placed on Tony Anenih? Gemade as the National chairman of the party suspended Tony Anenih, who at that time was a member, and the President announced publicly that such suspension was null and void. There was no objection to it then, why now?

The ANPP was branded as a Muslim party to discredit it and it worked on Nigerians. But the Shariah virus has infected most of the PDP states. Kano state endorsed it, Katsina did, Gombe refused and there was riot, though it was an APP state then. The Governor, a Muslim himself said he did not promise Shariah during his campaign and he did not give it. The major religious riot that shook Nigeria between 1998 and 2003 were in Kaduna and Kano PDP controlled states. No one has been arrested for the two mayhems.

I had expected this new development. It is not new. If Ogbeh had not written the letter, no SSS will investigate him. The EFCC will not be after him. It is sad that these agencies are being used to haunt political opponents. The State Security Service (SSS) run after selected people and close their eyes to some others. It now clear that there are factions in the PDP as they have in AD. There are pro-Atiku group and pro-who? Group. These politicians are clowns.

Where was the PDM when Ogbeh was being set up? Busy misplacing their priorities. Threatening my poor self and thinking that I am being sponsored. The first mistake was allowing Obasanjo a second term. Do they have an option? Yes. Atiku was fooled and he fell for it. Atiku, no doubt, has many forces to contend with. This plan has been on since 2000. It is just unfolding. Okadigbo a PDM member lost his seat as Senate President, Atiku was busy chasing Na'Abba, and he could not rescue Okadigbo. He lost the Speaker of the House of representative; three of his Advisers were sacked by Obasanjo. Anenih was the Mr. Fix it of the late Shehu Yar'Adua's PDM political machine, he broke away from PDM long time ago.

This is just the beginning. More events will unfold. Let us continue in our prayers that God, in His Infinite mercies, should disband these bandits, turn their counsels to foolishness and continue to turn them against each other. They shall ruin themselves we shall watch their fall, demise and disgrace.


Governors Bola Tinubu, Orji Uzo Kalu. What do these two people have in common?

How are they related to Atiku?

Will Tinubu recall Obanikoro? What is Tinubu's game plan for 2007?

Do you know that Senator Adolphus Wabara was a staff of the Foreign Affairs Ministry?

Do you know that he served at the Nigerian High Commission in UK?

Why did he or was he retired in 1983?

Please stay tuned.


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