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Two Sides Of The Same Coin




Seyi Oduyela




December 20, 2004


It has been interesting reading the show of shame going on between the Chairman of the "biggest Political Party" in Africa and the President of the most populous black nation in the world. It is nothing but a shame, but surprisingly the two political dwarfs, sorry giants have not seen it that way.

It has confirmed what most of us know about the personalities in the ruining Party and those serving in this government. I mean anyone serving in this government is an agent of destruction. They are enemies of progress and by extension of the people of Nigeria.

It is amusing to read the letter of the Peoples Democratic Party national chairman and the more disgusting response from his party member and Presidential Flag bearer.

Both men have a lot to share in common. While Obasanjo laid a shaky foundation for the Shagari's government, Ogbeh was an active member of the ruling party that inflicted suffering on Nigerians. Shagari's government was the government that first introduced austerity measure for the masses, while members of his government were stealing and looting the treasury. Of what use is Shagari's moral when he presided over a corrupt government.

I remember what Umaru Dikko and Arisekola a government marabouts contractor said. The two men commented that Nigerians were not hungry since they have not started eating from trash cans.

Now he is presiding over a party of thieves, rogues, hired killers, bunkerers, and inhuman people. Who are, in actual fact, animals in human skin (apology to Fela Anikulapo).

To me, Ogbeh is not better than Obasanjo. He knew and he is an accomplice of all the atrocities committed by members of that Peoples Destroyers Party. We know, and Ogbeh know too, that his party rigged the last election with the old man Gubodia as an instrument of fraud. The European community that came to monitor the election said so, we all saw it. So what noise is he making now? Trying to play the holier than thou game? He should tell that to the Marines. I am not impressed by his letter to Obasanjo, because he is no better person than Obasanjo. Why was he afraid to refer to the killings of Chief Bola Ige, Harry Marshal and others killed under Obasanjo, which their killers are yet to be identified? Is Anambra State issue the only issue in Nigeria? I had expected Ogbeh being a man of honor as praised by some people to have honorable resigned from that position when he failed to prevent a murder suspect to contest an election under the umbrella of his party.

Iyiola Omisore was nominated by Bode George, Late Sunday Afolabi and Atiku Abubakar as a senatorial candidate of the party in Osun State. Ogbuluafor came out the following day to refute that. According to him, Omisore would not represent the party since was standing trial for the murder of Chief Bola Ige. Omisore from his Agodi prison, contested the election, without campaigning, and won! Not even from his own senatorial district, but from Late Chief Bola Ige's. Who filled the nomination form for Omisore? When did he join the Peoples Democratic Party? Who endorsed the nomination form? Ogbeh in an interview sometime ago in London, distanced himself from the Omisore saga. His statement to the press then showed that he is just a figure-head chairman without power. He presented himself as an employee chairman of that party.

If he is principled what is he resolving with Obasanjo? He does not want to lose his relevance? He does not have any at all. Does he not believe in what he wrote? Why does he have to lie that he does not know how the letter got leaked to Punch? It shows the character of people we call leaders, chicken-hearted fellows. They are more interested in what gets to their pockets than serving the interest of the ordinary man. it would have been more honorable if he had resigned than lobbying to remain in office as the National chairman of a thieving party.

On the Balogun of Owu. I am sure the man is his own first enemy. This is because he does not consult before coming to the public to make statements or that the indolent and redundant advisers and special assistant are just there wasting the resources of the country and not doing what they are hired to do. How do we explain the President of Nigeria and the Balogun of Owu insulting his own people that Owus are arrogant and stubborn and nobody from Owu has deemed it fit to refute this? Where are the leadership qualities they say this man possess that Abacha was killed and someone got him out of prison to ruin us? A leader does not behave like this. It shows how idle the man is to have time to react to every comment to the extent of writing letters. There was never a comment this man has not responded to. He has been an apology to his friends, family, village people, colleagues, and subordinates and sponsors.

When Hon Abike Dabiri was still a reporter with Nigerian Television Authority, she attended a presidential chat at the Ota Farm of Obasanjo with one British journalist. Abike had raised a question on the Poverty Alleviation programme coordinated by the Old Police -never-die Tony Anenih with over 17Billion squandered. Because Abike commented that the programme was a failure, Obasanjo responded negatively, as if that was not enough, his response to the British journalist question on Odi was terrible. Nigerian President rather than treating leprosy, focused on ringworm, by sending the British journalist back to his Prime Minister. He asked the journalist if what he did in Odi equaled what the British government has been doing to the IRA people.

Bayo Onanuga, the Editor-in-chief of the News magazine got his own dose of embarrassment when, in one of the Presidential chat, he asked Obasanjo why his government was focusing on Abacha's loot leaving other looters. This was Obasanjo's response: "Bayo Onanuga or what is your name? If you have any problem with Babangida, you better go and sort that out with him." This was live.

Akin Osuntokun now the MD of News Agency of Nigeria was also embarrassed in one of the presidential chat, a live program. Simon Kolawole, Kunle Ajibade and other editors were at another presidential chat. Simon asked Obasanjo a question, the president did not like it and after the chat, they were to have dinner with Obasanjo, Simon was not allowed their. At the dinner, President Obasanjo stopped eating and asked if there was no one with tape recorder. After that he said: I don't know where my VP got that boy to make him the editor of his magazine.

In September during the United Nations Assembly, at the world press conference his attitude was an apology that was why no US newspaper wrote anything about the conference. He responded to Laolu Akande's question on Bakassi and a lady who asked him question on Charles Taylor in a rude manner. I was there and heard the comments of the international journalists.

On morality, I am shocked to see president Obasanjo presenting himself as a moralist. I have said earlier that the 2003 election was 419 and coincidentally held on 4/19/2003. Everyone rigged. The AD rigged, the PDP and ANPP rigged. In Lagos it was the smartest party that won. They both rigged. No one is a saint in that last election. At least I know of the two parties PDP and AD.

Why was the presidential election merged with the governorship election in 2003? It was for rigging purpose. Earlier in 2002 when it was becoming glaring that Obasanjo might not get the party's ticket because of some clandestine moves by Atiku Abubakar, the Afenifere leaders were invited, this was facilitated by an elder in PDP who is also a member of the Patriot a group headed by Chief Rotimi Williams. This man was a minister in the Shehu Shagari's government and he is from the West.

The Afenifere were to support Obasanjo and in return they retain their hold on the six south west states. They added a condition, which was the prosecution of Omisore for Ige's murder. Aso Rock landlord gave go ahead. Little did they know that it was ruse.

It was after this secret deal, that it was possible for them to impeach Omisore, to strip him of the immunity. This was done; Omisore was summoned to the Villa. At the Villa he did not see anybody but was directed to the Inspector general of Police who now informed him that his security details have been withdrawn and that he was under arrest for the murder of Chief Bola Ige.

The AD people thought they have won and did not bother to work. Chief Segun Osoba was so carried away that in his 30 minutes campaign, Obasanjo took 20 minutes. To the illiterate voters, Obasanjo and Osoba are one, and the PDP went to corroborate this by telling the illiterates that they should vote for the umbrella, that was the coup. In Oyo state Adedibu held voting a day before the Election Day in his house. I was on the queue on Saturday 12 April 2003, when a PDP supporter said that "as at 10pm last night we were still voting in Adedibu's house. Just as some AD members too stuffed electoral boxes in Agege area on Friday night. Journalists monitoring the election on April 19 saw some people stuffing electoral boxes with card marked for AD opposite the Ikeja Police College under the full glare of the police. (More in part 10 of Owners of Nigeria).

In 1999 during the Presidential election at the Ita Iyalode polling booth beside President Obasanjo's house, four women who never voted there since the inception of the election surfaced that day. They were part of President Obasanjo's entourage to the polling booth; they don't speak Yoruba, as they were speaking Edo with the Owambe First lady, Stella Obasanjo. These four women voted. With whose name? Tunde Olusunle, now a special Assistant to President Obasanjo without portfolio was seen carrying out a bag full of voter's card from the trunk (boot) of a 505 Peugeot Saloon car and distributing to hired voters. Obasanjo won the election at that booth. He celebrated it, standing on the top roof of his car with Stella. Many of the so-called monitoring group members were seen eating in Obasanjo's compound that day. Then Bode George, now a big man was like a body guard to Obasanjo with one faded Guinea Brocade and spent cap to match. One wonders what members of the monitoring group were doing in the compound of Obasanjo, a candidate in the election, eating. Osoba too gave Obasanjo his support. Obasanjo beat Falae at Osoba's booth. It never happened. AD had been winning until that day. A week earlier, Osoba came with all members of his family for the Governorship election, but on the presidential Election Day, Osoba came alone. When we asked him why his family did not come out to vote, he said they were busy with house work, but we saw people around him casting their votes for PDP rather than AD/APP. (Why did Osoba do that?).

Where are all the loots said to have been recovered from Abacha's family? They are back in Swiss accounts with another identity. Rufai the best Minister in Obasanjo's cabinet hired a youth corper and lied that she was a World Bank consultant and paid the said Youth Corper 19 Million Naira. Obasanjo did not see anything wrong in that. Rufai is still serving. What about the Agriculture Minister?

According to the 1999 constitution, chapter 6 section 151, sub section (1), the President may appoint any person as a Special Adviser to assist him in the performance of his functions. Sub section (2) states that, the number of such Advisers and their remunerations and allowances shall be prescribed by law or by resolution of the National Assembly.

Looking at the list, there are 39 Presidential aides. 18 Special Advisers, 5 Senior Special Assistants, and 16 Special Assistants. The constitution does not give the President power to appoint Senior and Special Assistants. The number of Special Advisers was to be determined by the National Assembly, but the Law makers don't even see the list.

In addition to this there are 29 Ministers, and 11 Ministers of State.

List of Special Advisers

Magnus Kpapkol- Poverty Eradication
Alhaji Ahmed Abdukadir- Manufacturing and Private Sector
Engr. Mohammad Abba Gana- Relations with Civil Society
Chief Ojo Maduekwe- Constitutional and legal Matters
Chief M. Dakoru- Petroleum and Energy
Chief Rochas Okorocha- Intra-party Relations
Chief Kanu Agabi- Ethics and Good Governance
Prof Jerry Gana-Political
Mrs Dupe Sasore- AGOA
Chief Florence Ita- Giwa- National Assembly
Prof Julius Ihonvbere- Programme and Policy Monitoring
Prof Wande Abimbola- Cultural Affairs and Traditional Matters
Prof Ojowu- Economic
Alhaji Lawal Batagarawa-Non-Party relations
Chief Audu Ogbe- Agriculture
Engr. Stanley Dako- Informal Sector
Mr. Bode Augusto- Budget
Lt. Gen. Aliyu Mohammed Gusau- National Security Adviser


List of Senior Special Assistants

Mrs Remi Oyo- Media & Publicity
Dr. Oby Ezekwelili- Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence
Dr. Maxwell Gidado- Counsel Legal and Constitutional
Dr. Onukaba Adinoyi-Ojo- Public Communication (VP)
Chris Mammah Special Duties (VP)

List of Special Assistants

Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode- Public Affairs
Mrs. Moremi Soyinka-Onijala- Legal Matters
Alhaji Kabir Abdul Fatah Mohammed- State House Counsel
Mr. Shina Ayati-Special Duties (VP)
Mr. Nath Yaduma- Special Groups (VP)
Gen. Ja'afaru Isa- Special Projects (VP)
Prof Mike Kwanashie- Social/Economic Affairs
Dr. Ahmed Ajuji-Development Cooperation (VP)
Mrs. Tokunbo Adeola- National Economic Council and Private Liaison-(VP)
Musa K. Umar- Economic Policy Research and Analysis-(VP)
Prof A.D. Yahaya- Political Affairs
Dr. Umar Ardo- Research and Analysis (VP)
Barchir Y. Ibrahim-National Assembly (VP)
Mr. Phil Agbasi- National Assembly (VP)
Mr. Yima Sen-Policy and Programme Monitoring (VP)
Dr. C.K. Okolocha-Speech Writing (VP)

There are 360 Members of the House of Representatives and 109 Senators. In all we have 548 people at the federal level ruling Nigeria. Did all these people pass through the National Assembly for screening? Who approved the numbers of the Special Advisers? Where President Obasanjo did derived the power to appoint Special Assistants and Senior Special Assistants?

Ojo Maduekwe in 1998 said that Abacha was the best person to rule Nigeria, a year later he was appointed Minister of Culture and Tourism and later Transport Minister. As Tourism Minister, he begged George Enneh for money when he was given a chieftaincy title; Enneh gave him a contract through Numero Uno Enterprises a company he formed. He got a 3.6 million Naira contract to supply Milo Drink, Ragolis Water, and tyres. He was not happy because he expected more from Enneh who was the Managing Director of the National Maritime Authority then. But in actual fact, Maduekwe spent 600, 000 to execute the contract and made profit of 3Million naira. Now he is the Special Adviser on Constitutional and legal matters. Professor Wole Soyinka's daughter is also the Special Assistant on legal matters. This is duplication of office and responsibility. Utter waste of public resources. Abba Gana was the immediate past Federal Capital Territory Minister, now Special Adviser on Relations with Civil Society- what is the function of this office? Okorocha wanted to become Nigerian president, spent money, set up secretariat now ended up as Special Adviser, what a shame. These people are clowns; they can do anything for money. Jerry Gana is said to be the President of AGIP- Any Government In Power. He served Babangida as MAMSER Director, a town crier position, Abacha as Minister, Obasanjo as Information Minister and now Political Adviser. He is able to hang on because he is the first person to get to the Villa chapel every morning, as early as 5am, to Baba Iyabo; Gana is a man of God. Very godly. He played another trick on Obasanjo by living in Boys Quarters while his colleagues live in Hotels. But his children are all over Abuja cruising in posh cars, organizing parties.

Florence Ita Giwa was indicted by the Idris Kuta-led committee that probe the contract scandal that led to the removal of late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo as Senate President, she would have been tried now by the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, now she is the President's Adviser on National Assembly. Florence Ita Giwa, then awarded the contract of the fencing of her Apo legislature quarters to her won company, she was to refund some money because it was alleged that the contract was inflated.

Lawal Batagarawa was the Minister of State, Education, when Prof Tunde Adeniran was the Minister of Education. He was in charge of Primary Education. He was responsible, with one Dr Ahmed for the loss of Billion of Naira meant for the Universal Primary Education Programme. He also helped to divert 550 Million Naira from Union Bank account of the Universal Primary Education UPE to Intercity Bank. The interest on the fixed deposit was 15% but Batagarawa and his accomplice reduced it to 12 while they collect 15 from the bank. He ensured that Prof Pai Obanya was starved of funds and was instrumental to the removal of the man and installation of a northerner in his stead. He left Education Ministry to become the Minister of State in defence. Now is the Special Adviser on Non-Party Relations, What in the name of God is a Non-Party relation? What is the difference between Special Duties and Special projects?

These people are there, enjoying free housing, free cars, free petroleum and fat salaries for doing nothing. It is sad, very very sad! Did Ogbeh not know about this? Are these hidden from him? We should call a spade a spade, every body in this government is first and foremost people's enemy. They have contributed to the killing of the Nigerian people and the Nigerian State.



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My attention has just been drawn to the list of Presidential Aides I published on the above subject. According to the good Nigerian (names withheld because I figure he still lives in Nigeria and I fear for his life), my list was incomplete, so he sent the comprehensive list to me.

I actually got the list from the website of the Nigerian High Commission in London powered and designed by the federal Ministry of Information and National Orientation (http://www.nigeria.gov.ng/AIDES.htm), I could not use the Nigerian embassy in USA because it has the late Bola Ige, Sunday Afolabi as Ministers of Justice and Internal Affairs respectively. In fact, Agagu, the Governor of Ondo State combines the governorship position with that of the Minister of Power and Steel. As far as the Nigerian embassy in Washington DC is concerned, Lam Adesina and Odera- Mbadinuju are still Oyo and Anambra States governors respectively. (http://www.nigeriaembassyusa.org/ministers.shtml). I do not have to blame them, it is a reflection of the irresponsible government we have. They have no motivation, when they receive their salaries in arrears of three months. Someone in that office in Abuja sit on their salaries, playing with their lives and comfort. It is a known fact that Diplomats cannot engage in gainful employment in the country of their mission, this does not exclude their spouses and you starve them of their means of livelihood for as long as three months, it is callous, inhuman and wicked. These people cannot talk but suffer in silence.

What do you expect from a ministry headed by an aged man? I saw the poor old man on September 23, 2004 in front of the Nigeria House, New York, in his flowing but disturbing Agbada struggling to maintain his balance. The ministry is as confused as the government, of course it has to, since everything revolves round an individual who has arrogated the collective wisdom to himself alone. It reminds me of the fable of the wise tortoise. Obasanjo's government has spent more than a year in office and its foreign office, a link for foreigners, still carry old information on its website in this age of information technology. What a Government?


Back to the real issue. On a cursory look at the comprehensive list I discovered that Chief Obafemi Awolowo's grandson is also a Special Assistant to Obasanjo on the same portfolio as Professor Wande Abimbola. Who is actually doing the job? Elayo, Bola Ige's Assistant Minister is a Special Assistant, demoted from Minister of State to Special Assistant (forget about the title Senior) on National Assembly, while Mama Bakassi is for the same position.

Notorious Chris Uba's brother is Special Assistant on Household Matters, what a position and someone said this Obasanjo is a serious man? How does he want to wash his hands off Anambra crisis? What is Household Matter, can someone tell me? There is Special Duties and Special Duties Presidential Matters, what NONSENSE? Professor Soyinka's daughter and Kabir have same duty. There are positions like Presidential Matters, Public Communication, Library Services, Haba!  

Olu Mafo and others are also on National Assembly matters, how many people are on this. I know Olu Mafo is being compensated for his role as Obasanjo's ears and eyes at the House of Representatives from 1999-2003. Abdukadir, the Bola Ige's AD faction Chairman is also a Special Adviser after being used by Obasanjo, recruited by the late Justice Minister to put spanner in the wheel of Progress of AD (more on this in part X of owners of Nigeria). Abdukadir is a convicted felon here in the US on wire fraud, this was published in Tempo Magazine and he did not deny it he said that his sentence was suspended due to plead bargain, what is the difference? Obasanjo's government is full of criminals, rogues, felons, assassins, drug barons, money launderers and filthy personalities. No one in that government is clean, noone. What is the function of the Special Assistant on Due Process?

The President was reported to have declared that his farm made 30million naira monthly, how much tax does he pay? What is the minimum salary of the Obasanjo Farms Holdings? I know that as at 1997 the Farm, then under Dr. Onaolapo Soleye as the Acting Chairman was in red, in fact the Ado-Odo Ota Local Government Authority had to issue a memo on the pollution caused by the smell of the dead fish from the farm's cold room then. I met a worker in the farm in 1998 that lamented that his salary since 1987 was still below 7, 500 Naira. What about the Bell School. I think our moral President should go a length further in declaring how much the farm pays as tax and the Bell school too. We all want to know the minimum salary of workers in that farm. This will help Mr. President in supporting his claim of being an honest person he is claiming to be. We will want to know when the Farm has been making the 30 million Naira monthly profits. Governor Gbenga Daniel is too busy to give us the information on how much tax the Obasanjo farms pay to his State. He is a busy perfecting plan to displace Senator Ibikunle Amosun who is an insider contender for Ogidi Omo's seat in 2007.

It is now clear that the trio of Olu Mafo, Prof C. Ohiagu and Lumumba Adeh were playing the script of the Presidency on the Na'Abba-must-be-probed crusade. These are adults, family men who turned themselves to instruments because of what to eat! They left the mandate they got from their constituencies to pursue personal agenda. These are nothing but dishonourable men. People without an iota of principle. I remember our frequent visits to Olu Mafo Apo residence during that period, he appeared as someone committed to probity and accountability in the House; little did we know that he was an errand boy of President Obasanjo. Most of the documents secured then against Na'Abba, which he got were meant to show Obasanjo that he was actually performing.

I do not think it is necessary for any group to caution Femi Fani-Kayode to respect elders. Those who know the history of Nigeria politics, particularly that of the Old Western Region will know that Femi Fani-Kayode is behaving true to type. This was a man who spent all time after he came back from his misadventure abroad to write and criticize Obasanjo in 2001, and has suddenly turned to become the supporter of the man he called a failure. These are shameless individuals that can sell whatever they have left as humanity for a loaf of bread. He was an active member of one jeun-jeun Political movement formed in the wake of this useless and insensitive government with a fake agenda of being a pressure group. Most members of the group are people of questionable characters. Most of them are now holding one political positions or the other, some are contractors to these thieving governments; from Federal to local. Fani-kayode knew that the Code of Conduct Bureau will not release the form, but he just had to say something as a town crier for the Nigeria's tax payers' money wasted on him. What they think is hidden will come to the open soon. For example, who owns the block of buildings at the intersection of Area 11 and Garki Village in Abuja?

When the conscienceless power meets the powerless conscience, the former laughs first while the latter laughs last.


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