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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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Jumoke Ogunkeyede


Some of us who were very involved in the struggle to
actualise June 12 are aware of the sinister role
played by President Obasanjo. For the sole beneficiary
of a process that he was not an integral part of, not
to have said some kind words about the man who laid
down his life for that process, President Obasanjo has
shown himself as the traitor of the process to move
Nigeria forward. How can a human being be so
stone-hearted as to wish MKO's sacrifice away?

President Obasanjo has enjoyed this apex position in
the administration of Nigeria for five years and he
has not for a moment let his conscience wisper to his
head and for a moment in time acknowledge the role
Moshood Kashimawo Abiola played in the Democratic
process of the New Millenium Nigeria.

Yes, at a meeting held in The Bronx, New York, USA
with the then General Olusegun Obasanjo (Rtd.) in 1993
shortly after the annulment and some few days before
the infamous "Abiola is not a Messaih" statement, the
General promised the organization, United Committee to
Save Nigeria, that he would do everything within his
power to assure that MKO became the president. I
quote, " Abiola's mistake is that he said the North,
instead of Babangida, is responsible for the
annulment. He is forgetting that the poorest
northerner owns a transistor radio to which he listens
all the time. They heard his interview on BBC (Hausa
editon) and that is why it might be difficult to make
the northerners back him now. But, don't worry, if
anyone can help him reverse the problem he brought on
himself, that person is me."

When a member of my organization asked General
Obasanjo - "Should Nigerians resort to rioting, what
do you think will happen?" To this question, OBJ
retorted, "I told you I am the only one capable of
resolving the issue, when I get to Nigeria, I will
just call some Emirs, some Obas and Obis to do
something about it and that should stop any riot or
disturbance and I promise you, I will do that when I
get to Nigeria in a few days." We were unpleasantly
surprised when, before he got to Nigeria he declared
that "Abiola is not a Messiah."

I, as the Chairman as well as members of the United
Committee to Save Nigeria, was so encouraged when he
said he would resolve the stand-off and that all would
be well. He promised to caution MKO about his
pronouncements. On this note, I asked him if he would
then be kind enough to assist in delivering the
invitation card to celebrate the Victory. He was very
impressed with the card and said, "Temi da?" Which
means, where is mine? He said further, "How can I be
your messanger and not be invited?" To this, I asked
my coordinator to address a card to him. He also took
the card for Babagana Kingibe, who sold out almost
immediately after the annulment. I later had an
opportunity to confront Kingibe in New Jersey at the
colourful Zumunta Sympossium celebrating Nigeria's
Independence on October 1, 1994.

Since the time OBJ said MKO was no Messaih, I lost
total respect for the man. Here was a man who just ate
with us and promised to do his best to assist in
re-instating the annuled elections, he not only
changed his story, he never delivered the card! He was
always envious of MKO. It was this same MKO that
postrated for Professor Wole Soyinka on all fours to
please support Obasanjo's bid to become the UN
Secretary General when Professor Wole Soyinka thought
Obasanjo would not be a suitable representative of
Nigeria at the UN.

MKO at that time pleaded with Professor Wole Soyinka
that OBJ would change and he (MKO) promised to do his
best to canvass other luminaries to support him (OBJ).
For a man who enjoyed total backing from MKO when he
needed him most not to utter a word of praise for the
departed soul of his benefactor, OBJ is like the
biblical Judas Iscariot. Only God can change this Saul
to Paul.

Colonel Abubakar Umar (Rtd.) wanted to know what
happened to our roads; how come there are no jobs; why
are people suffering etc. Our President only wants to
inform us that he sought job from him and he refused.
He remembered that a Colonel should not be rude to a
General as if we care. He was eager to destroy Umar
faster than he was willing to reason with sanity and
actually leave a good legacy for posterity.

What is new? OBJ never owned up to anything for which
he is responsible. In one book published by one of the
military men, it was stated that while in training
with the likes of the Black Scorpion Benjamin
Adekunle, Obasanjo blew some spittle from his mouth
and when the British Drill Sergent asked who did that,
he kept mute. It was Adekunle that got a thorough
beaten for the sin of Obasanjo! If a nation really
gets the leader it deserves, then, we are in trouble
since we got Obasanjo twice.

I know that activists are tough cookies and that there
spirits are not easily broken and that is why I am
sure Colonel Umar is up to the task of standing his
ground even if he was a Colonel challenging the
General. Of course, David was not of the same rank
with Goliath. I have pitched my tent with the one that
would not let me down. Colonel Umar, God is on your
side and there I am also.


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