Our Children Are Begging For Heroes


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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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Our Children Are Begging For Heroes




Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa





September 14, 2006 



All our children are watching as the corrupt, the privileged and their associates engage in a fight never witnessed in the history of our Country. Sucked in between them is the dedicated staff of Economic and Financial Crime Commission. The EFCC, that has been labeled “selective”; now risk being tarnished unless they go all out against all sides, no matter what. It is even more important to see whose side the majority of Nigerians will tow. In the past, people who do not know where their next meal is coming from are ready to sell their votes in exchange for Shagari or Jakande rice.


If the children are looking for heroes, I once wrote, they should look towards their parents who labor in the sun from dawn until dusk. These children, who make up majority of our future in our blessed Country have watched the children of “vagabonds in power” on televisions, magazine and daily newspapers throw sumptuous marriage ceremonies with who and who of the vulture class parading in meticulous white flowing agbada and the women in see through lace material from abroad. When our children are wondering if it will be their turn, or where all the money comes from? Now they know.


Some of the children that are luckily invited through schools or as employees, see food lavishly display that can feed their household for months. I have heard stories of people throwing food in creative plastics in their hand bags pretending they have not been served. In cases when they could serve themselves, people are surprised that no matter how many times they return, the food somehow reappeared. This in a Country where others put enough pepper in the food so that their child can drink more water until their bellies got the message.


What type of children, what type of seeds are we cultivating? We live in a Country where the mighty and the merciless are crowding out and killing people who are too decent for politics but are challenged into the arena out of patriotism and fear of decadence. As much as we look towards those who can rescue us from ourselves, we see people in our worst dreams take over or vie for the highest office in our father/motherland.  People whose glory of their past are shadows, not substantial magnet. Our children watch them in disgust or try to join them. Oh Nigeria, what is left of us?


These days, it is difficult to know who is who. The rogue calls the thief a rogue and the thief calls the rogue a thief. Anyone that dares spill or back out of their mysterious deals are blackmailed into “if you Taka me I go Dabo you”.


Children, children, I see a silver lining in all of these. If we did not challenge our Chief Justice in Court to come clean, if we did not challenge our Senate leader in the House to come clean or challenge our Vice President and our very President to come clean, who is going to do it for us? Nigerians as a people can only take so much. Do not be ashamed; be proud of the audacity of this generation that refuse to sweep our dirty linen under the carpet. Those who are looking for: you rub my back, I rub your back, you scratch my face, I scratch your face; can go to blazes. They can scratch one another’s faces until they bleed to death.


Would you rather see Nigeria bleed to death?


For the first time in Nigeria, they are playing to our gallery in the newspaper and internet. Wow! Since when has ordinary Nigerians watched the biggies fight to our delight while we watch from the ring side? We have to be very careful. This fight is unlike any other. We are not probing Tai Solarin, Tam David West or Dansuki here. This is from the top and their associates are nervously calling for a truce. Luckily a couple of them have nothing to loose but fight to the end, for the sake of Nigeria? How are the mighty fallen at the feet of Nigerian masses. As we cheer them on, Nigeria wins.  Go Tiger go, go Tiger, go Tiger, go Tiger, Go! Go! Nzogbu Nzogbu, Enyimba Enyi, Nzogbu, Enyimba Enyi!


DANGEROUS WARNING The head of all the Armed Forces must be vigilant in this historic time. Any suspicious activities, rumors or movement that can in any shape or form be interpreted to disturb our evolutionary civilian process must be serious dealt with in the barracks before it spills into the polity. We have enough of these dictators who have plundered us into recurring paralysis. They have proved over and over again that they have nobody to save but their selfish rear ends.


Sorry for the interruption.

In a fight of this proportion, it is unprecedented that we will not find collateral damages. As civilized people, we have to show the rest of the world that unlike them, we are not only fair, we must seem fair to all. So far none of those accused has smelled innocent or clean. It is a matter of priority. Anyone who tries to catch all the thieves at one time will catch none. How we go about it is what the debate is all about.


We are very unforgiving when it comes to dishonesty. That is why we cut people’s hand when they still a foul or a goat. We have even tried the Bar Beech Show where armed robbers faced firing squad. We give jungle justice to the rogues on the streets. Haba!

What do we do with people who steal with pens in our “korokoro” eye? They have lawyers, public relation officers, press officers, “babalawo” and foreign collaborators. Some of them build mosque and churches in their homes praying many times a day.


Nobody can claim that we do not allow due process. Many murders remain unsolved. Some of those accused, have by due process moved into House of Senate or the other House have pardoned their colleagues as if its their money, and a former House leader and a couple of known godfather thugs have been rehabilitated. Yet, there are common people who have been unconvicted of minor offences but can not raise bail rotting in jail.


We even fool ourselves that only those with clean hands should seek equity, in Nigeria? When we know that any angel that rumble in Nigeria, like soap wrap, will be debased. If there is a Country where it is easier for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye, guess? Whenever we are serious about a thorough clean up in Nigeria, we know who to call – Sacred Cow-Busters!



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