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European Union Declaration on the Nigerian General Elections


Ambassador Mr Leonidas Tezapsidis



May 14, 2003

1.  EU acknowledges that President Obasanjo has been announced President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on April 22, 2003 by the competent electoral authority, and we wish to congratulate him. The President now has a clear mandate for his second term.

2. EU welcomes the fact that the presidential, parliamentary and gubernatorial elections in Nigeria were conducted peacefully in most parts of the country and represented an important step for the democratic process in Nigeria, in the context of transition from civilian to civilian administration.

3.  EU takes positive note that the Nigerian government invited inter alia EU observers to the country, in order to efficiently observe the electoral process.

4.  EU expresses concern about the serious irregularities and instances of fraud which were observed and reported by the EU election observation mission, resulting in a lack of credibility of the electoral process in those states concerned.

5.  EU strongly recommends that appropriate measures are taken as provided for under the electoral law of Nigeria and welcomes the decision of all aggrieved parties to settle their disputes peacefully and within the constitutional framework.

6.  Furthermore, EU expects that all perpetrators of political violence during the electoral campaign will be prosecuted.

7.  EU's confidence in the Nigerian authorities, now that the 2003 elections are over, is to remain focused on the democratisation process, in order to further improve the quality of democracy and increase accountability in Nigeria in the coming period.

8.   EU notes with satisfaction the increase in voter participation and in particular, that women, for the first time made up a substantial proportion of those who voted. This constitutes a clear sign of the increasing democratic awareness in the country.


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