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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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Misappropriation of Public Funds in Edo State



Dr. Efe Igbinosa



President Obasanjo
Presidential Villa
Aso Rock
Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Mr. President

As concerned citizens of Nigeria, we strongly support your efforts to attract foreign investment to Nigeria.We thank you for your leadership on the important issue of the Anti-Corruption Commission to check corruption which has become the scurge of our society

We condemn the widespread corruption in Edo State as revealed by the people of the state

The alleged corrupt acts leveled against Governor Igbinedion indeed marks inglorious return to a criminal political past. The systematic looting of the Edo treasury can only be viewed as a mark of a callous and insensitive political leadership.

We request that as a responsible President and leader of the ruling party, The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that you intervene in this matter.

The list of financial impropriety:

  1. Edo line gives Lucky Igbinedion N10 million on a monthly basis. To date over N300 million
  2. N1 billion raised at the capital market, with only 10 uncompleted building to show for it.
  3. $1,000.00.00 (about 140 million) at the exchange rate then, to make your first eight-day overseas trip, few weeks after being sworn in as Governor of Edo State in 1999.
  4. N15, 939,656.66 for the clearing of 5 BMW motorcycles from the Apapa Wharf as contained in the Memo of Mr. Patrick Eboigbodin and approved by you on 16th December 1999.
  5. N20, 424,002 to attend the Sydney Olympic games as contained in the Memo of Mr. Patrick Eboigbodin and approved by you on 21st August 2000.
  6. N17, 000,000.00 on the burial of the Late Justice Ephraim Akpata - a Federal Officer - as contained in the Memo of Mr. Patrick Eboigbodin and approved by you on 7th February 2000.
  7. N400, 000,000.00 on the ill-fated Ikpoba River project
  8. N4 Billion to purchase vehicles within three years. With about 50 government vehicles in private use
  9. Overseas tour over 50 times, conservatively estimated to cost about N2 Billion in less than 3 years.
  10. Purchase of property in London worth 3.5 million
  11. Governor Igbinedion fraudulently misrepresented his educational qualifications. The dates to which his claim to have attended schools both in the UK and USA are non existent.

Mr President, the international community is watching. We are aware of your courageuos effort in fighting debt reduction for Nigeria and other African countries. Charity begins at home. Gov. Igbineion's financial reckless is not lost on them.

Governor Igbinedion's reckless in spending taxpayer money like a drunken sailor if not checked will have profound influence on your party's electoral success in Edo State. The people of Edo have collectively resolved to reject Igbinedion and his financial recklessness

Please do not rely on Mr Annenih (An Abacha apologist) whose role during your incaceration is known to democrats worldwide.

As nave observers of the political situation in Nigeria, we are deeply concerned in your inability to call Gov. Igbinedion to order.

We pray for that God gives you the courage to address the problems thrust upon us by this reckless Governor imposed on the people of Edo State.

The PDP slogans of "Power to the People" and "Justice, Unity and Progress should be genuily applied to the people of Edo.

In closing we support candidature for reelection in 2003. We believe you are doing a good Job albeit in difficult circumstance.


Dr Efe Igbinosa





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