The President, Not The Vice President Should Resign


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October 3, 2007 - December 2, 2007



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The President, Not the Vice President Should Resign



April 6, 2006



The Vice President Atiku Abubakar has clarified his presence yesterday at the stakeholders meeting called by some members of the National Assembly.

His presence at the meeting, said the Vice President was in his personal capacity and not as a representative of the Presidency or his party, the PDP.

The Vice President believes that the views he expressed in opposition to the so called third term at the meeting were views he held as a citizen. That in a democracy, opinions are bound to differ and we must learn to accept that if our democracy is to thrive.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Vice President believes tenure elongation is morally wrong and a breach of the constitution, which he took the oath to defend.

Based on this, the call this afternoon by a Presidential spokesperson that he resigns should not at all be taken seriously. In  any case, it is not new. Others have made that call before.

If the President or any other person wants a tenure elongation, that is their view. Indeed, the call for resignation should be directed at the President those others for pursuing an agenda that is subversive of the constitution, and the will of the majority of Nigerians. It is bad enough that the meeting yesterday was violently disrupted by security agents which, again is against the tenets of democracy as they are known the world over.

The Vice President was elected by the people of this country and he is busy doing what they have elected him to do.The Vice President is committed to serving to the end of the Second Term and will therefore will not resign.

Garba Shehu.
Media Consultant to V.P.


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